VIDEO – Christopher Dorner Caught on Store Surveillance Shopping for Scuba Gear 2 Days Before Murders

Christopher Dorner Caught on Store Surveillance Shopping for Scuba GearMy prediction that (and why) Dorner would try to lose his body at sea is looking more accurate all of the time.

TMZ: Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner went to a Southern California sporting goods store 2 days before he began his murder spree to purchase scuba equipment … and TMZ has obtained the surveillance video.

Dorner went to Sports Chalet in Torrance — a beachside community in the L.A. area — on February 1st. The video shows Dorner carrying in 2 small, yellow scuba tanks as he walks into the scuba section. Sources tell us … Dorner got the tanks refilled with oxygen.

The video then shows Dorner leaving the scuba section with the 2 yellow tanks, along with another large, black scuba tank. Dorner then goes to the counter, and then has a friendly conversation with the cashier…

HT – The Great Right Newz – Video At Link

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  • PatriotUSA

    Thinking this is very plausible while I do think he may still have his mind,he has gone over the edge and he has deep set mental issues, hatred that drove him to what he did. When I posted his full manifesto on PC I mentioned that Dorner could quite well want to go down in history and become more than urban legend, a cult hero of the left and those who idolize a sick twisted person as Dorner. He is only a ‘hero’ to those the United States and want to see what was once a great Republic turned into the cesspool of EUROPISTAN.