Awesome Pic Of The Week – Uncle Ted Nugent At Obama SOTU Speech


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Bored Ted Nugent At Obama SOTU Speech

The Blaze

“Nothing [Obama] proposes or nothing he’s been proposed would have stopped any of the shootings. None of those shooters are gonna register anything,” Nugent said, surrounded by reporters on the House floor following Obama’s speech.

He continued: “Canada finally abandoned its multibillion waste of a C68 gun law where goose hunters and farmers had to register their squirrel rifles. And it didn’t do anything to reduce crime or save any lives…Who doesn’t know this? Who doesn’t know that registration and limitation on magazine capacity and the color of guns has anything to do with saving lives and reducing crime?”

Every time Obama gives a “flowery” speech, he either does “the opposite or nothing at all,” Nugent explained, adding that “nothing will be improved.” …

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