Video – Al Gore Explains Advantages of Sharia Law to Andrea Mitchell

Lol! I had never considered the up side of Sharia…

Soopermexican Via The Morlock Revolt

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2 Responses to Video – Al Gore Explains Advantages of Sharia Law to Andrea Mitchell

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    You have to watch this video first – please watch the video. It’s hysterical. I could use a lot more of these. the Andrea voice is wonderful.

  2. Jon Brin says:

    Al Gore has proven himself to be the sleaziest politician in America…. It is hard to believe there are worse candidates out there than BHO…. But Al Gore is on top… He sold out his ideals to a fanatical middle east corporation that now has a cable network in which they can propagate their lies in this country and call it news….
    The sale to this islamic mouthpiece should never have been allowed…. If we had a real American president instead of the muslim we have, the sale to Al-Jazzeria would have never been allowed…. Next we’ll have Communist China with their own network telling us how great communism is… and since it is on TV most of the Morons that voted for democrats will believe that tripe since they never lie on TV…. This country has already gone to hell in a hand basket and some of us keep fighting back for a little of the old US Constitution to be recognized…. And it will if we never give up!!!!!!

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