RAND PAUL – Something Depraved Rising In This Country, We Need Spiritual Leaders

That something depraved is called communism. Ronald Reagan coined the term “evil empire” to describe a government ran by such depravity – this is where Obama is leading his sheep.

I am liking Rand Paul more all of the time.

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3 Responses to RAND PAUL – Something Depraved Rising In This Country, We Need Spiritual Leaders

  1. dusty says:

    Rand has many good qualities, and the pedigree of resistance vs the status quo. I do disagree on his position on a flat tax, joining with millions of fellow Americans..

    The real problem is the ungodly relationship the US has with the Federal Reserve, in that 100% of the federal income tax goes to paying the INTEREST on the national debt.. that reads FEDERAL RESERVE, who prints paper money and charges usurious interest rates for the rights to use it.

    The entire national debt could be absorbed by the US Treasury, abolish the FEd, and the CORPORATE taxes and TARIFFS and FEES, etc.. already in place, would pay off the debt, with OUT the interest, in a very short order, and the amount of economic activity would simply put the country on a smokin’ hot path to job creation, productivity and investing by EVERYONE, the stock market would boom, ..

    This has all been researched and documented for decades, by the likes of Cato, Heritage and others, as well as the FairTax people.

    A small consumption tax could be implemented and made provisional/conditional to require regular renewal on a bi annual basis, in between election years (odd years), to keep the pol accountable to their voting.

    The amount of freedom from the oppression and the paperwork requirements that are non-constitutional are simply staggering, and the consequences of continuing such policy is immoral and further non-productive, EXCEPT to the FEDERAL RESERVE and it’s cabal of international BANKERS.

    NO!! To a “Flat Tax!”.. it does NOTHING to take the BOOT OFF THE NECK of all Americans!! With that in place, the cronyism and Wall St. banksters and well-heeled corporations will CONTINUE to abuse the DISCRETION and reap ongoing advantages and benefits unto themselves, and let the People continue to eat the crumbs.

    END THE FED. Rand, listen to your Daddy!! Don’t sacrifice yourself for the status quo, please!

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    I think I’ve been saying this for a long time now – this battle for America is not political – it’s spiritual. If we don’t have a revival in this country, and if conservatives keep focusing on politics instead of God, we’re done.

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