SNL Mocks ‘Fox & Friends’ With Interview of ‘Crazy’ Ted Nugent on Obama’s State of the Union

NL Spoofs Fox & Friends Crazy Ted Nugent sotu

If you think that the folks at SNL are bipartisan spoofers, you had better go stock up on guns and ammo, because there is great chance that you are going to be red flagged by the mental illness clause in the latest gun grab bill.

They trash libs just enough so that they can say they trash libs, and then spend the other 90% of their show acting as a year long super-pac for liberals.

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  • Jimmy Z

    Yes, SNL is very harsh with the Fox & Friends parodies, but I gotta tell you – when I see that someone I like (Ted Nugent) is being interviewed on Fox and it’s on the Fox & Friends show, I’m always disappointed. Look, I know it’s a morning show and as such is going to be a little sillier than other news talk programs, but I really don’t like those three people. SNL is far more harsh than they should be – no question, but they the least effective program on Fox, if you ask me.