Rand Paul Vs. Marco Rubio – 2016 Presidential Primary Poll

Rand Paul Vs. Marco Rubio

It looks like it may come down to a battle between these two very good candidates. If it does and you are forced to make a decision between these two, who would you pick?

I realize that neither one may be your first choice…

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5 Responses to Rand Paul Vs. Marco Rubio – 2016 Presidential Primary Poll

  1. Leslie Root says:

    I’m gaining more and more respect for Paul. He hasn’t wavered in his beliefs and has never been bought or bullied into voting against his concience. Rubio is the flavor of the week, much like Ryan was until we lost the election. He hasn’t proven himself, in my eyes, to be the genuine conservative this country needs to return our government to what the founding fathers intended it to be. He might be a good man but I believe he will be too easily swayed.

  2. Golly G. Willikers says:

    I agree with much of what Rand Paul stands for, and I think he is an honest public servant (no light praise, given the norm). But I worry that, with the superficial electorate that elected Obama, a short man with a high, nasal voice and a whiny delivery doesn’t have much of a chance to win the general election. Despite the way the left has pounced on Rubio’s sip from a water bottle, he does have the charisma to electrify crowds, and I don’t think it hurts that he’s Hispanic. That’s the only reason I gave him the nod over Rand Paul, whose positions more closely reflect my own. We absolutely MUST win in 2016 if this country is to survive, and even a win only gives us a long shot at maintaining our constitutional republic.

  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Ted Cruz maybe in the mix too, just saying.

    • BC says:

      I am quickly becoming a fan of Rand Paul. That is saying a lot coming from an old Reaganite like myself. I like what Paul has to say, plus I just don’t think that Rubio will pull the Mexican vote – not sure about Ted Cruz.

      Rand Paul is not his dad, but I do think that he would draw in the fanatical Ron Paul group.

      It will take a young determined crowd like that to defeat Hillary…

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