Black and Blue

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    Liberal icon and alleged actor Alec Baldwin made new inroads into interracial harmony last Sunday when he angrily berated a black photographer (who happens to be a decorated, retired NYPD detective) and called him a crackhead, a drug dealer, and a coon.

    Such blatant racism would, in most cases, be considered a career-killing faux pas. Or at least it would if the offending party was a Conservative. But for those blessed by the Left, not so much – because if you’re a high-profile and vocal supporter of Barack Obama, you get special dispensation to use words like “nigger” (a favorite of Bill Maher) and “coon.”

    Then again, maybe Alec Baldwin isn’t a screaming racist and honestly mistook the African-American man for a drug-addicted furry mammal with a ringed tail, mask, and flash camera.

    It will be interesting in the coming days to watch the comic spectacle of Baldwin admitting his racist diatribe (which was recorded on tape), pretending to apologize (which will be immediately accepted by everyone on the Left), and then doing some infinitesimal act of penance to show he’s sorry.

    We’re thinking maybe he could record some public service spots for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Perhaps explaining to Liberals how to tell the difference between raccoons and black people.

    obama, obama jokes, alec baldwin, coon, raccoon, racism, hope n' change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative


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