Jailed After Slashing Friend With Knife When He Refused To Switch Places During Threesome

ashley hunter stabbing threesomeThe Weekly Vice – Fargo, N.D. (The Weekly Vice) – Ashley Hunter, a 33-year-old North Dakota man, was jailed Monday after he allegedly stabbed a friend with a butcher’s knife because the friend wouldn’t switch places during a threesome.

According to Fargo Police, Hunter and a friend he met in prison were out party with two females Monday night when the foursome decided to head back to Hunter’s house for a little chill time.

Once at the residence, Hunter’s female friend went to a bedroom and fell asleep. The prison friend, identified as Orlando DeWitt, settled onto the couch with a female friend identified in the report as “Leticia.”

Investigators say DeWitt began engaging in sexual intercourse with Leticia, but stopped when he noticed that Hunter was spying on them from an adjoining bedroom. Dewitt told investigators that Hunter disappeared into the bedroom when he noticed that he had been spotted – and so – DeWitt continued to have intercourse with Leticia until he noticed that Hunter had resumed peeping at them from the bedroom.

At some point, according to the arrest report, Hunter emerged from the bedroom and began fondling the woman’s breasts while DeWitt tried to continue sexual intercourse… Keep Reading

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