Rush Limbaugh – ‘For the First Time in My Life I Am Ashamed of my county

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2 Responses to Rush Limbaugh – ‘For the First Time in My Life I Am Ashamed of my county

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  2. MagnoliaTree says:

    Rush should not be ashamed of his country rather be ashamed of it’s government in D.C. (District of Corruption). And, there are many, probably millions, who also feel ashamed of what is happening in America.

    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is a must read book cause it’s decent Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny/corruption & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s provocative so I recommend it. THE DIARY is the sequel & even better.

    It is time all of us ‘take a stand’ by rising to a higher cause than ourselves to save America.

    Of course, Rush has a large group that follows him, but I really don’t believe what he said is what he meant to say. He said it in an emotional moment & we all know to never say or do anything when we are emotion.

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