Juliette Lewis in a Mao cap – Too Dumb To Know Any Better

If you think that this dipsh*t is making some sort of political statement, then  you are mistakenly giving her credit for actually having  abstract thought.

More likely she saw some California commie or queer wearing one and thought it was cool, and has no idea what it stands for.

Juliette Lewis Mao cap

The Mellow Jihadi - Is someone going to tell Cape Fear and Kalifornia star Juliette Lewis that the green Maoist cadet cap she wears is the chapeau of choice for a dictator who killed between 49 and 78 million people? And that is just a conservative estimate, considering the 120 million I saw listed once. Does anyone in Hollywood even care?

Nah! They are living in a bubble of ignorance.

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  1. larry says:

    ..i think, she thought, “it was a new place to shop”…

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