Libtalker’s Crazy ‘Eat The Baby’ Rant

RANDI RHODES (20 Feb 2013) (regarding man who slapped crying toddler on a plane): If the man had been from Florida, he probably would have eaten the baby’s face. This is the way we – you know, because you can’t compete with Florida’s crazy. Or he would have shot the baby! And probably if he shot the baby it would not have been considered a crime because the baby was annoying. And, you know, you get to stand your ground or sit in your seat or whatever the hell we’re going to call it – if you’re over Florida airspace you probably could. You know, uh, if a crying baby is upsetting you shoot the baby if you’re over Florida airspace! It might work with for a crying white baby as well but I think you are better off with a crying black baby to get away with it, I just do. You know – I’m not Dr. Spock, OK? But if you’re annoyed at the sound of a crying baby will slapping the baby do very much for that situation? I say no.

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  1. Jon Brin says:

    Hey Randy; have you been smoking crack again???? You don’t make a lick of sense….

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