Wonkette: Hey, You Know Who Dampens Our Panties? Joe Biden…

The thing about Wonkette is that it is doubtful that hot and bothered pantie wearing weirdos are women.


Wonkette by way of Weaselzippers:

Wonkers, until now were your panties too dry? Well Old Handsome Joe Biden is from the government, and he’s here to help. We mean, we are aware that we have a thing for daddies (and also of all internet traditions), but look at this motherfucking Silver Fox in his spanking new official portrait, and the smile, and the eyes. Those kind eyes. Those eyes that chain us to him, hyp-no-tized, like Kaa, the snake in The Jungle Book except that (sadly) he does not want to eat us. We are purring at you, Old Handsome Joe. We are a kitten without a whip.

Picture from Looking Spoon

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