How The Hell Does More Training Create Jobs?

If you listen to any politician (liberal or conservative) talk about pulling the country out of the Obama depression, they all spew the same talking point. “We have to create job training programs to get this economy going.”

Obama Job Training

Well, that is just stupid! Training people does not do a flipping thing to create jobs, it just makes people a little better at doing them.

I have done one of the most complicated jobs possible for twenty-five years plus – it just doesn’t get anymore technical. I don’t have any love for my job, so I am not trying to brag here, but I am for sure on the top end of the highly trained. So with that in mind, I can say without a doubt that unless a person is retarded, they can be trained to do almost any job in under a year.

top paid jobs americaEveryone knows that most college grads end up doing something that doesn’t have a damned thing to do with what the end up doing for a living anyway. Those people are trained on the job site.

If there is a need for a to fill a position that position will be filled by someone. Employers find someone smart enough to do the job and then train them. It is supply and demand. The lack of skilled people has nothing to do with the amount of jobs available.

You might say: ‘Well the lack of trained workers is causing the American work force to lose to ‘foreign workers.’ Uh NO! – this is BS as well.

dot head computer guyThe reason jobs are shipped overseas, is not that American employers can’t find any qualified people, it is because they can’t find anybody in America that wants to work for $20 a week.

With Obama’s taxamphetamine addiction, businesses would go under trying to hire U.S. workers. That is the reason you end up talking to a dot-head every time your computer breaks. Not because Americans are too under trained to fix it.

The bottom line is that a monkey can be taught to do %75 of every job possible, and all but a fraction of the remaining 25% require on the job training, and could be filled by any capable person off the street.

When you here ooops (hear) government politicians say, ‘what we need is more trained people in the workforce to help the economy’ they are blowing smoke up your butt.

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  1. JZ says:

    so much corckshit in one article… americans are ill trained and too entitled to do jobs…that;s the problem, no matter how many excuses you may want to find

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