Michael Stout – Charged With Stealing Large Number Of Panties, Sex Toys And Used Tampons From Women’s Homes


Wright City, Missouri (The Weekly Vice) -Michael Stout, a 19-year-old Wright City man, was jailed after he allegedly stole a large number of panties, sex toys and used tampons from area women.#### According to Wright City Police, officers were dispatched to a Wright City residence after Stout burglarized the home without realizing that a 16-year-old girl was still inside.#### Keep Reading

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  • http://PatriotUSA.wordpress.com PatriotUSA

    Rehabilitation just might need to be a one bullet to the back of the head. Sounds harsh but this guy is a really twisted sicko and our tax dollars can be put to better use than ‘rehabilitate’ a pervert like this jack off loser.