Sen. Ted Cruz: Gun Control Will Cost Democrats The Senate

I hope Cruz — whoops —  (and Paul) are right. Maybe enough of these phonies have exposed their true colors to make a difference in 2014.

Rand Paul & Ted Cruz

Here is a pretty smart piece from PJ Media covering Cruz:

PJ Media – I asked back in January if Obama’s gun control push gave us the 2014 midterms. In four months, support for stricter gun laws has dropped from 57% in December to 47% today. We’ve returned to normalcy on this issue.

We have a bill that wouldn’t have stopped Newtown, and adds more needless regulations on law-abiding citizens that are trying to protect themselves, their families, and their private property. Yet, with the Republican filibuster roundly beaten in yesterday’s vote, the media attention is off Republicans – but will the spotlight be directed towards red state Democrats? Sen. Cruz told the Hill on April 10 that:

[I]n fact, in my view, as a result of their onslaught on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, I think there’s going to be a very significant consequence in 2014…I think as a result of this fight that President Obama is picking, I think the stage is set for Republicans to take control of the United States Senate because of this fight right now, because of coming after the right to keep and bear arms of peaceful law-abiding Americans. I think a number of red state Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014 are going to lose their seats and I think they should.” … Keep Reading

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