Gosnell Is The Face of Conservatism- Dontcha Know?

sleazy-salesman-300x198As more and more of the horrific details of the Gosnell trial come to light, the blackout by the mainstream media loses all mystery.  As pointed out by many, the sympathetic media will do all it can to keep anyone from connecting the dots between the callous disregard for human life that is the abortion mill and the left in general to its logical conclusion that is Gosnell.

I begin to wonder just how leftists reconcile this story to their own enthusiasm for unrestricted abortion.  Just how do they come to terms with the fact that the ‘choice’ that they espouse is only separated from the Gosnell butchery by a few inches?   Being the inquisitive person that I am and knowing how the left loves to gas, media blackout not withstanding, I decided to go over to the Huffington Post to read some lefty comments about Gosnell.   Well, lo and behold guess what I discovered.   Gosnell is the fault of conservatives.  Yes sir, Gosnell is the face of conservative America. A few sample comments:

This is the reason why Roe vs. Wade was passed by the Supreme Court in the first place.  This is the future for unwanted pregnancies when and if Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

(by unitarianuniversalist who calls himself, ‘A Bernie Sanders Proud Socialist Liberal’)

 This will become more prevalent as legal abortion access becomes less available. It will go underground as it was before Rove v Wade. Those who deny this fact are lying to themselves or worse, don’t care about the lives of desperate women and girls.

( chichi55 says )

  Despite the fact that a few rational voices pointed out that this is happening NOW, after Roe v. Wade, the absurdity continued:

These were the only places available before Roe vs Wade and they will be back if it is overturned. Sex-education, and birth control are the best defenses against abortion-getting rid of all three (which is the GOP agenda) will cost more lives.

(stmonica wailed )

No.  We all know it’s “reality”.  That’s why we are pro-choice and legal abortion.  So that less women seek these kind of illegal, gruesome services.  It’s either one or the other.  If a woman wants to end her pregnancy….she will.  It’s been done since the beginning of time.  The only difference is “how”.  It seems like you don’t understand why people are pro-choice to begin with.

(by LadyRaineX — she quickly became one of my favorites because she is smart, I know this because she wears ‘smart glasses.)

(But Henk is the first to take the giant leap):

This is the face of Conservatism. This is what they want, abortion sent to the back alley where they have access to it when they need it and can’t see it when they don’t. The hypocrites posting their putrid moralizing here is sickening.

And it went on from there for several pages.  Every attempt to point out that these so-called ‘back-alley’ abortions are happening now, at a legal supposedly regulated clinic (although it hadn’t been inspected since 1993) was met with a perplexing demand to make abortions ‘safe and legal.”

     Well, maybe a few anecdotal commenters don’t speak for the left.  So I Googled “Gosnell face of conservativism,” and lo and behold I come up with leftist blogs making the exact same claim. For example,  Media Matters has a piece entitled, “How The Kermit Gosnell Case Is An Indictment On The Anti-Choice Movement,”

Gosnell has become a poster boy for media conservatives looking to make him the monstrous face of abortion, and while the procedures conducted by Gosnell as explained in a grand jury report are illegal and nothing short of monstrous, the report made clear that Gosnell’s business model was to prey on women who had no access to legal abortions.

Citing MSNBC’s Morning Joe they explain:

Herbert and BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith emphasized this point on the April 15 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

HERBERT: What you want to do, though, is, if a woman is going to have an abortion, because abortion is legal in this country, then you want it to be accessible and safe. You want it to be done under sanitary conditions with qualified practitioners and that sort of thing.

One of the problems is that in so many parts of the country, it’s just not available, and then women go to the terrible alternatives.

SMITH: There has certainly been a campaign on the right to make it, in lieu of being able to actually ban abortion, just to make it incredibly difficult to get. And this is obviously the downside of that, right, that people wind up going outside the law.

Incredibly difficult, No access to legal abortion?  Hmmm, so the women who went to Gosnell’s clinic did so because they had nowhere else to go because of “anti-choice,’ policies?  Let’s examine that claim.  Gosnell’s untitledWomen’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia was hardly clandestine. It proudly and openly displayed “Family Planning” as one of its many services.  Women were not having to whisper secret passwords through the peep door of some back-alley basement.

Ok, maybe this is the only place the poor women of Philadelphia can go to get an abortion.  I did a five-minute search to see just how far these pitiful cheerless women would have had to journey to get to a different “Non-butcher’ clinic to get a ‘safe’ abortion.  The answer is less than three miles.  The Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center – Philadelphia, PA 1211 Chestnut Street is exactly (According to Rand McNally) 2.2 miles  five minutes and 45 seconds from Gosnell’s clinic.  But hey, maybe they don’t like the bed-side manner of the abortionists there.  They can head on over to Locust Street Health Center at 1144 Locust Street, just 2.5 miles (6 minutes and 49 seconds) from Gosnell’s clinic.  Both, Planned Parenthood clinics.  I am not seeing the difficulty Gosnell’s patients had in finding an alternative.  Help me out here.  Perhaps Smith meant difficulty in procuring a late-term abortion— but doesn’t that get us right back to Gosnell?  Is it too soon to remind you of the Planned Parenthood lobbyist that recently argued for post-birth abortion?

The truth is this clinic brazenly and proudly catered to women seeking late-term abortions with the enabling of the Pennsylvania Department of Health.    From Breitbart

 What the Grand Jury testimony makes clear, though, is that very little of what was ultimately discovered could have come as a surprise to the Pennsylvania Department of Health — the government agency that should have been “the first line of defense” against Gosnell. The DOH had not only received numerous complaints about deaths and underage abortions over the years, but DOH personnel had also visited Gosnell’s clinic on numerous occasions.

Despite these complaints and being an eye-witness to heaven knows what, no action was ever taken.

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Gosnell is the face of the left and the face of the barbaric butchery delighted in by Margaret Sanger’s fiendish seed.   The left owns him soul and body.   Nevertheless, betcha a dollar and a quarter as the mainstream is forced to cover this story, this is the angle of spin we will hear ad nauseam.

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