Link Of The Day – Eric Holder’s Wife Co-Owns Abortion Clinic

Eric Holder’s Wife Co-Owns Clinic Run by Indicted Doctor [CORRECTED]


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  • larry

    …we need to put up signs of unborn babies saying: WANTED DEAD!!!..scum of the earth!!

  • Thelma Lou

    Eric Holder’s wife doesn’t own the clinic where Gosnell operated, but she does own the Georgia clinic where Tyrone Malloy, who killed a patient during an abortion, operates. It also helps to explain why holder is so gung-ho to punish pro-lifers and not punish abortion traffickers who break federal laws.

  • Thelma Lou

    That baby picture is the cutest ever and fair warning I am stealing it for future posts.

    • BC

      Yea just type in mad baby, and you won’t have to upload it… very cute little monk