Giraffe Of the Month – Michael Moore

Remember Giraffe’s are selfish

Michael Moore Fat Ass

Michael Moore Gets the Giraffe award this month.  The Gosnell story is ripe with selfishness, but that kind of selfishness is so evil the “Giraffe” award hardly suffices.  Moore, however, was drooling all over twitter, hoping against hope that somehow the terrorists attacks yesterday could be blamed on the Tea Party.   The same Tea Party that held hundreds of events all over the nation, without one arrest.  The same Tea Party whose event policy seems to be ‘leave it better than you found it,’ when in comes to the physical location, while the environmentally conscious left invariably leaves nothing but filth in its wake.  Whether Occupy Wall Street or an Obama Inaugural .   funny-giraffe-tongue-image-for-friendster

Michelle Malkin documents how Moore selfishly decides to use the horrific attack to  score cheap political points with his goofiest twitter followers by pointing fingers at the Tea Party.  His evidence?  Why, yesterday was April 15th, “Tax Day.”  Stay Classy Michael.

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  1. iri says:

    How is it nobody has given him a baseball bat enema by now. Oh, wait, we don’t know that…never mind.

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