Boston Bombing – Here Is What Will Happen Now

Want a glimpse in the future? Here is my prediction on the Boston Marathon bombing.

1. It was a small group of Muslim terrorists. They have probably been here at least ten years, have ties in the United States to Muslim sympathetic groups, but are not American citizens.

2. The media will ignore the Muslim terrorist connection and paint it as a criminal event – not an act of terror.

3. One or two will be caught and prosecuted as murderers, not Muslim terrorist. The rest will get away, due to disinterest from the Obama administration.

4. The media will protect the terrorist enablers , drop the story and start pushing the word massacre, or domestic homegrown violence.

5. The media will then try to equate the terrorist attack to the school shootings.

This is a prime example of why blogs have become so popular. They bypass common sense and then substitute political correctness. It makes it impossible for them do report the news.

Remember that this was posted Apr 16, 2013 @ 19:46, long before any facts or details came out.

I will make this thread sticky, and update links as they come in. Come back to see if I was right…


Update 4/19/13 13:00 CT) Wow Chris Matthews, look what happens when you apply a little common sense! Below is not Alex Jones bull-crap. It is just taking the political correctness out of the way and looking at the facts.

Sorry Chris, the chances of the bombers turning out to be Bob and Frank from the local Teaparty  was next to zero.

On the other hand, all but one bombing in the history of the United States have come from either left wing hippies or Muslim terrorists…


Compare Michael Moore’s prediction to BC’S…

#1 - (Muslim terrorists, ties in the U.S., ten years, not American citizens)
#2 (Lib media ignore Muslim connection, paint as criminal not terror)
#3 (1 or 2 caught, the rest will get away,prosecuted as murderers)

Affadavit – Terrorist Not Being Charged as Enemy Combatant

Jay Carney confirms Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will not be tried as enemy combatant, charged with murder

FBI hunts 12-man ‘sleeper cell’ (Still Not Caught)

#4 (media will protect the terrorist enablers - AKA family and radical Muslim connections)
#5 (media will equate it to school shooting - use it for gun grab)

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  3. jeff grey says:

    Oh- and how about the family guy episode from 3/17/13- “Turban Cowboy” Season 11, episode 15. Peter Griffin uses a cell phone to set off two bombs back to back, AND wins the Boston Marathon, while killing people to do it? Kinda bizarre, eh?

  4. jeff grey says:

    I don’t know. I was watching the japanese tourist photos, and the kid with the back pack, and his girlfriend both look like occupy protestors to me. Guess people who can afford to run a marathon must be close to 1 %’s , eh?

    • BC says:

      Nah… Psycho liberal environmental moonbats love runners.

      They envision a world of no cars (that are destroying mother earth) where homos with shaved legs, wearing short-shorts, are making their daily jog to pic up their government weed and supply of anal lube.

      They would never bomb a jogger…

  5. larry says:

    excellent forsight!! that is exactly what i was thinking!!…the local media are more guilty than most terrorist!!

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