It looks like my prediction on the marathon bombing is starting to gain traction.

1. It was a small group of Muslim terrorist. They have probably been here at least ten years, have ties in the United States to Muslim sympathetic groups, but are not American citizens.

2. The media will ignore the Muslim terrorist connection and paint it as a criminal event – not an act of terror… Keep Reading



New Headline: A suspect has been arrested.

Below, the old post, discussing the identification of the suspect through video.


Sources say they’ve “identified” a suspect based on a review of video from Boston TV and from the Lord & Taylor department store’s CCTV.

I don’t know if they mean they’ve identified the suspect visually, or if they’ve matched a name to the suspect.

CNN is being careful about offending people, but will allow the suspect is “dark skinned.” Update: John King now specifies the bag they were looking for is specifically a black bag, which corresponds to the pictures below.

The 4chan guys have been looking at video and they think they’ve found someone who left one of the two bombs. The suspected package they’re focusing on is a black backpack, which appears overstuffed. Their suspect appears to be Middle Eastern.

Now, the picture Dan Riehl highlighted showed a white/natural backpack or duffelbag (?) with an orange top-flap; this isn’t that one. But then, two bombs were planted.

Here’s one picture of one of 4chan’s suspects, one who could be called “darker skinned,” though not “dark skinned.”

The picture compares him carrying a heavy backpack which seems to disappear at some point in the day– although I should note the second picture may not indicate a missing bag, but just a bag being held in the hands in front of him, out of view of the camera.

But he’s also is often looking the “wrong way,” when you compare his sight-line to those of the other spectators. A

Here’s a picture emphasizing that the bag is stuffed full. Someone’s written on the picture with P-shop to indicate the shape inside the bag could be a pressure cooker.

Note that there is no mention by the media of these 4chan pictures — I offer them as being possible pictures of the suspect. The suspect investigators have identified could be a completely different guy.

“Perhaps Dropping the Bag:” Bret Baier is now reporting that investigators think they have pictures of the suspect “perhaps dropping the bag.”


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