Boston Bombing Cover Up? – Saudi Suspect being deported on “National Security Grounds”

This is all unconfirmed and in the area of daily Prozac and tinfoil hats, but is it going around internet just the same. I am only posting it because it fits so nicely in my prediction as to how the bombing investigation will go down.

Would the Obama admin and John Kerry lie if the suspect turned out to be a Saudi Jihadist instead of a right wing radical as the state run media is already trying to propagandize as a possibility?

I think yes!

Plus, the great Pam Geller is on it, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true…

Saudi Abdul al-Harbi deported Boston bombing John Kerry national security

(Atlas Shrugs) – Steve Emerson just broke the shocking news that the Saudi National, Abdul al-Harbi, first questioned in the Boston bombing, is going to be deported on “national security grounds.” He is from a very powerful Saudi family with many terrorist ties. Abdul al-Harbi is a devout Muslim from Medina.

I said it takes longer than 15 hours to investigate all of Abdul al-Harbi’s relatives, friends, acquaintances, and business and school friends.


Very smelly.

Keep Reading… (or don’t unless you want to be pissed off)

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