PJ Media » Are Homosexuals Born, or Made?

I disagree with about everything in this article. He looks at every synopsis through his skewed assumption that because he feels he was born straight that true homosexuals must be born the other. That line of thinking is so full of holes that it would take a week to sort through them all.

But he is right about one thing. He was born that way. Straight is normal so it doesn’t require any work to get there. The other, not so much.

Great Minnesota Outing Gay Pride

And his assumption that identical twins with one being straight and the other gay must mean that they are both someplace in between is just stupid.

Maybe one is perverted and the other is not? Did that never cross his mind?

I used to share his “born this way” thoughts, but the older I get the more I realize that homosexuality is not so much a choice but a matter of conditioning.

Somehow these people let themselves  get immersed in an abnormal thought process that becomes their norm after time. The amount of time depends on how screwed up you are to began with. The reason it starts early with so many is because most teens are screwed from the get-go. Teens are brain damaged.

Like putting a frog in a cold pot of water and then slowly turning up the heat. I suspect a brain damaged frog could stand a steeper heat up curve than a mature old wise one that has jumped out of a few pots in his day.

The real reason he and I are so repulsed by the thought homo sex is because we are not used to thinking about it.

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