Twitter Contest: Teaparty Battles Moonbats In Ted Cruz Tweet-Off Tonight – #CruzToVictory Vs #SomeStuipidLiberalCrap

Update: #CruzToVictory #1 on Twitter Trending, #YouCruzYouLose not to be seen.


Ted Cruz notices your effort…


I have no doubt that when conservatives start tweeting, that we will have twice as many #CruzToVictory’s sent out as the libtards have #YouCruzYouLose’s…

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’ name was made for hashtag games (Chuck Hagel being hit by a #CruzMissile was a favorite), so we’re doubly happy he’s on our side. The Left has progressively ramped up its campaign against Cruz, calling him Joe McCarthy 2.0, a Latino in name only, and a schoolyard bully — a sure sign the “very junior” senator is doing something right.

We doubt that the outspoken Cruz is quaking in his cowboy boots over tonight’s “Twitter bombing” campaign, in which opponents will tweet the hashtag #YouCruzYouLose from 5:30 to 7 p.m. (Cher will likely tweet as usual.) RedState has put together its own counter attack in the form of #CruzToVictory. In any case, the Cruz name should be trending this evening, which is a victory in itself. Fans of the Twitter-savvy senator are having a difficult time not starting early, though..

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