The United Kingdom In Worse Trouble Than We Thought

Pictures that speak a thousand words from The Daily Mailarticle-2332998-1A0E49FC000005DC-95_306x327 article-2332998-1A0E49F8000005DC-627_306x327

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One Response to The United Kingdom In Worse Trouble Than We Thought

  1. Della Thorne says:

    We have that here in NY…….. Of course, the morons here in the USA want a monarchy so they have something else to worship besides their POS-in-chief. They want to go back under tyranny and salve their tortured souls with welfare via the still working citizen, giving their birthright over to the illegal, and their iphones their neighbor can’t afford because they’re working their asses off for them. The workers have become the slaves and those who won’t work the masters… Yeah, we all have to mind the muslims, the illegals, the sexually confused, and the like..and yet if we let it all happen they will all kill each other cos they are the most intolerant of the intolerant. What a tangled web we’ve woven

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