Incredible!! – “We’re Not Looking to the Constitution” when it Comes to ObamaCare Mandates

This video is sure to get your blood boiling even more than the rule #5 posting at Maggie’s Notebook.

New York Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul (NY CD-26) was asked at a Town Hall Meeting yesterday where the Constitution allows the Federal Government to require a “private or religious organization to pay for anything for free?”

Rep Hochul’s answer? “Well, basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution on that aspect of it.”


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  • Pad Dar

    Hey, Maggie is here!  Someone emailed me this vid!
    Dang friggin stupid LIARS, the ‘liberals’.  These people are downright satanic

    • conservativeBC

      Maggie is a great blogger, plus she and I are from the same part of the world :)

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  • Maggie@Maggie’s Notebook

    Ah, okay, now I know who I’m talking to! Didn’t know you had this blog. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Thanks for having me on yours. I linked the video in my Rule 5 post. And now I see your answer back. Thanks. 

    • conservativeBC

      It’s me! It’s me! It’s Earnest T.

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  • Maggie@Maggie’s Notebook

    You are right. That’s incredible! Incredibly embarrassing for her as well, although I no longer think Democrats can be embarrassed. Thanks so much for linking. I would like to post this as well with a link back to you if that’s okay.

    • conservativeBC

      Feel free to grab anything you want at any time :)

    • Pad Dar

      TY for that vid, MAGGIE!
      “Liberals” are all for the Constitution when they are not in power