Obama Newspeak– “The Revolution Will Be Complete When the Language Is Perfect”

newspeak(Victor David Hansen at PJMedia)  Of all the many changes that the Obama administration has enacted over the last five years, the least remarked upon are the strange changes in our vocabulary. To fathom the shifting meaning of words, here is a guide to the new Obama lexicon.

Baby: Punishment for a mistake.


Berlin Wall: Analogous to the Cold War fence that kept out German illegal aliens from entering a free East Berlin.

Coal: A toxic rock that the crazy Chinese believe makes heat.

“Cowards”: Everybody but “my people.”

Enemies: Ours are to be punished at home, while courted abroad….

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I will humbly and respectfully suggest a few more:

  1. Hot weather: Global Warming (bad)
  2. Cool or Cold Weather: Climate Change (bad)
  3. Hispanic: Victim of white xenophobia
  4. Hispanic: White (when needed to use a local crime to gin up black support for an election)
  5. Infanticide: Women’s health
  6. Regulations: Always good unless applied to abortion clinics, then oppressive tools of the patriarchy
  7. Christianity: Fosterer of potential terrorists
  8. Islam: Religion of Peace
  9. Skittles: Proof of innocence
  10. Religious freedom: War on Women



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