Breitbart Is Here — Let’s Finish what He Started

IOTW has come up with a way to pay tribute to Andrew.

BigFurHat hat has a ” we are all Breitbart” gravatar made by an artist friend plus he is having the poster put up everywhere so the commies will have to see his face everywhere they go.

He letting teeshirts, bumber stickers and who knows what else go at cost, just to get them out.

Great idea!

Go here to get your GRAVATAR ICON and too show your support– iowntheworld

UPDATE: Okay, we are flying by the seat of our pants here. We’re going to do this frenetically and impulsively, just like my idol Andrew Breitbart, I’ve negotiated a deal with Anthem Studios to have these opened up for ordering. I will have the link asap.

Just to be clear, this is going to be done at cost, which includes labor, shipping and materials. More details to follow.

The owner of Anthem Studios was a friend of Andrew Breitbart and he just showed me the most beautiful picture of his wife and himself with Mr. Breitbart. This project is in good and well intentioned hands.

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