BENGHAZI BOMBSHELL REPORT: Valerie Jarrett Gave The Stand Down Orders

Update: Rush comments on Valerie Jarrett and her stand down orders:

If these Conservative Report confidential sources are right, it looks like the known commie Valerie Jarrett (AKA Obama’s Brain) gave the orders that caused the murders of our boys in Benghazi.

Valerie Jarrett Gave Benghazi Stand Down OrdersAs Reported at Doug Ross @ Journal:

“Confidential sources close to Conservative Report have confirmed that Valerie Jarrett was the key decision-maker for the administration, the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012.”

The chronology of the evening of 9/11 are as follows:

At approximately 5 PM Washington time, reports came in through secure-channels that Special Mission Benghazi was under attack. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey summoned the President,and briefed him on the crisis, face to face.

Subsequent to that brief meeting, President Obama proceeded to the White House to dine in his living quarters.

After supper, Barack Obama had a telephone conference scheduled with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…  As that meeting drew to a close, Ms. Jarrett, who is also the Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, went from the living quarters to the White House Situation Room, where the attack in Benghazi was being monitored by Dempsey, Panetta and other top-ranking officials.

Whether she was instructed by the President to go there, or if she went of her own volition, is only known by the President and herself.

Remember this is the “payback time bitch” who was quoted as saying:

“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us, and they better be ready, because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded; the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over, and we have two judges ready to go.”

Back to Benghazi; click here to go see what Obama’s #1 hussy did!!!

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55 Responses to BENGHAZI BOMBSHELL REPORT: Valerie Jarrett Gave The Stand Down Orders

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  2. Misty says:

    This is a lie the military can’t take orders from Valerie Jerett . Every one knows that… I am a conservative, I know better. Unless he has always dismantled our government .

  3. yukidongoy says:

    I am a former Marine. My entire family is AF and/or Army, and one brother was an officer in BOTH. I know the chain of command, backwards and forwards. There is ONLY ONE with the authority to give a “stand down” order, relive an Admiral of his command for disobeying it to try and mount a rescue, and then REISSUE a “stand down” order. It IS NOT Valerie Jarrett. She cannot even be legally delegated that authority! This is the beginning of the “falls on the sword” to protect that POS in the White House. Understand the words “Command in Chief”, for God’s sake, and don’t fall for this red herring!

    • patipaj says:

      It is my understanding that she is his top adviser. So it looks like he is leaking this info to throw her under the bus. What do you think?

    • Bob says:

      You DO NOT know this administration . EVERYONE is afraid of Jarret, she is Obamas Handler has been for decades. SHE HAS THE POWER, just by saying OBAMA WANTS THIS. No one in their right mind would question her. SHE doesn’t have the authority, but she HAS THE POWER. Time for you to wake up and smell the coffee

  4. Judith says:

    I see they’ve finally found a scapegoat to hang the noose on….

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  8. A couple of things: Conservative Journal cites only a confidential source. Someone with a news reporting pedigree would have to confirm this. All the bloggers are copying and pasting, but there’s been no collaboration. Second, the quote from Jarrett is from 2008, after the first election, when they had BOTH houses of congress in Democrat hands (that’s why she said Congress won’t be a problem).

    • BC says:

      I think if you will read the post it says, “if the source is right.” It does not say the source is right.

      You can put this in the developing stories category.

      It would be foolish to take it as fact, and equally as foolish to ignore it.

      Doug Ross is as sharp as they come…

    • BC says:

      And where is your source for your V J comment claim?

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  10. rickn8or says:

    Will someone please show me exactly where VJ is on the chain-of-command chart? I know she has more testosterone that Obama and actually runs things, but I don’t recall seeing her name on a ballot or seeing a Senate confirmation controversy on her.

    • Show me where / when Obama has ever acted according to who has been elected? He ignores the Constitution and uses the Supreme Court to rewrite law. I don’t know of anywhere in the Constitution where law-making was switched from the legislative to the judicial branch.

  11. S.Freeman says:

    If this is true It doesn’t surprise me, after all she is from Iran!!

    • BC says:

      I didn’t know that…

    • Rich says:

      Check wiki- her American parents were in Iran when she was born. I don’t think she ever had an Iranian passport, but you’d have to ask Tehran. That’s not a reason to dislike her. The “payback” quote is another matter. Sure would be good to know the real facts behind Benghazi. “What difference does it make?” might be enough to cost the (D) folks the next presidency.

  12. bob says:


  13. tbonpc says:

    Hang the Muslim Bit*h

  14. donna says:

    They all need to be in one big prison cell and throw away the key!!

  15. mark says:

    how can you ever vote for a democrat again,,especially if you have kids that are at a “draft able” age….your kid joins the service ,,this administartion lets them DIE for political gain..THE NUMBER ONE SIN by a president

    • Fred says:

      The right has been trying to tell everyone that Obama only cares about one thing, himself. Romney was correct on everything he said about Obama.

      • BC says:

        Yea – too bad he didn’t have the balls to call him out on it in the last debate. He would probably be president.

        • S.Freeman says:

          I believe what you said is true, Romney did great! in the first debate, but that last one he was terrible, and I put some of the blame for this on Romney’s Advisor’s.

          • ScareCro says:

            Romney did great? You’ve gotta be f*n kidding me. This is the man who thinks other men are corporations. Romney did great? F*n turn off your tv, it has made you dumb.

    • B. Elliotte says:

      Yeah, Bush I or II would have NEVER done that!!!
      People that talk out their arse like this are blind

    • James says:

      How the hell can you say this, given that BUSH sent so many of our sons and daughters to IRAQ, where it wasn’t even a threat to our nation? When did Obama (or Clinton, for that matter) send our military to a location like that for our military to die needlessly? In case you try any BS, I am a Marine.

      • sue says:

        OH? and Saddam and Osama where saints? They killed more people and terrorized nations than Hitler. Thanks to Bush, (and the weapons they hid WERE discovered) more people did not have to die. I currently have several children deployed serving America, and am ashamed how our leaders are treating them. Budget cuts on military food/pay/medical, yet our president goes on multimillion dollar vacations? sick.

      • Randall says:

        James, so you are a Marine who believes in leaving a brother behind? I spent 9 years in the Corps and trained with SEAL team 3 on deployment. They needed “our” help and this commander in chief left them to DIE in Benghazi! also, more Soldiers, Airmen, Seaman, and Marines have died on foreign land under President obama then President Bush.

        • Randall says:

          at this time I will have to retract the “Foreign land” statement. I cannot find the source I had saved. as of right now I can only say more died in “Afghanistan”. which is a better comparison anyway because Iraq was winding down.

          • James says:

            How is what I said taken to be understood as ‘leaving a brother behind’? and how the hell can ANYONE say more people have died under Obama than *HITLER*??!!! Ask yourself this, Sue. Look it up if need be, because it’s a FACT. How many vacations did BUSH take versus how many Obama took. I doubt you’d be surprised, but I would guess you’d come up with some BS story about Obama anyway, given your Hitler comment.

            Randall, I have no idea why you believe Obama has ‘left people behind’. It just doesn’t make sense. And also, the number of people who have died in a foreign conflict has very little to do with the President, and you freaking know it. Stop the stupidity spin.

        • CC says:

          It is ex-military folk who need to start networking to give the US any chance of opposing the martial law Barry will impose at first sign of civil unrest. Why are you ex-military not making noise?

      • gene mc leroy says:

        James, if you are a Marine you should know that you don’t go to battle without accessing your enemy. Next time get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth. Almost every member of congress voted to go to war with Iraq. The dems. found that this was a good photo op. time and jumped on T.V. (including H. Clinton) to tell the American people that we were going to stop this mad man before he used them. You seem to have a short memory.

        • James says:

          I think you need to check actual facts before opening your mouth about my facts. It was not “almost every member of Congress” who voted to go into Iraq. And why is it that ‘Dems’ found this to be a photo op, but not the Republicans? Iraq was a mistake, pure and simple. There are mad rulers all over the world. Why didn’t we go to war with Bosnia? Rwanda? Russia? China? Cuba? Oh right….no oil.

          • Thelma Lou says:

            With all due respect James the ‘we invaded Iraq for oil’ talking point has grown extremely stale and is a lingering symptom of the left’s irrational Bush/Cheney hatred. If the US invaded Iraq for oil we have done a shabby job of it. The United States only imports a little over 12% of our oil from the Persian Gulf region (including Saudi Arabia 8%). Furthermore we have a ‘hands off’ approach to Iraq’s oil exports and China is poised to become their biggest customer. Whether removing Saddam from power and attempting to build a democracy in Iraq was a good idea is debatable. What is not debatable is that it was a bipartisan and multi-national decision based on shared military intelligence. If you care to read them, here is a list of quotes from anti-oil democrats from 1998-2002 declaring the probable necessity and support of removing Saddam Hussein.

            • BC says:

              You can’t fix stupid Thelma – if you get tired of messing with him, ban him from commenting.

              You are an editor here…

          • James says:

            I see…so disagreement means ‘ban him’. It just goes to show people do not like a good-natured difference of opinions any longer.

            • BC says:

              Yes… If I let every liberal nut-job ranted here until their hearts content this would become a liberal site. Liberal idiots have a big enough soapbox already.

              I don’t give a shit about your opinion and I am not going to make my readers have to read it.

          • James says:

            Suit yourself. I’ll leave you to your intolerance then.

            • BC says:

              I believe it is you who are intolerant.

              You can’t tolerate opposing viewpoints here, so are attempting to poo-poo them in the comment box – before they can spread.

              It is called trolling.

              Not happening…

        • James says:

          Let’s review here. I’m making comments on a Conservative blogsite against a very Conservative viewpoint. And I’m being threatened with being banned. How am I being intolerant? I grew up Southern, Christian, military, Republican. My entire family is still that way. I just disagree. Why does that make me a gay socialist muslim (as so many on the right proclaim me to be, since I’m a Democrat)? Yes, I definitely get offended by some of the comments here. I’m a Marine, and I’m not one to just ‘leave it alone’ when people call “liberals” idiots just because they believe something different than you do. Care about my opinion all you want. I actually fought for my right to have an opinion. What about you?

          • BC says:

            You are not expressing your opinion.

            You are trying to sway this blog’s readership to your warped viewpoints, keep us busy arguing instead of hammering the left, and be a disruption to the conservative message to this blog.

            You are a troll, a moonbat liberal and a dipshit.

            Go away or I will make you go away.

            Last warning…

      • Ron says:

        Kosovo and Somalia, how’s that Marine?

      • Ghost Rider says:

        James: I’m a vet from Vietnam and Iraq (Desert Shield/Storm). Just to let you know Iraq DID have WMD before we got there. Some of them were sent to Syria and other countries and jets were sent to Iran. Hussain used chemical weapons on his own people. Iraq WAS a threat to our nation when thy took Kuwait and the oil.

    • william slonaker says:

      welll said, but as history has shown Democrates vote democrate no matter what. after the way he has treated the isrealis the jews still voted for him. the party has never hidden their pro abortion stance yet the catholics still vote democrate, and recently he has voiced his opposition to catholic schools being decisive, yet they will still throw away their voting right and pull the Dem lever….What a comcept take the Dem and Rep abbreviations off of the ballot andc actually make everyone vote by name alone!!!

      • James says:

        Believe what you like, but Democrats are not mindless lever-pullers any more than Republicans are. How many Republicans just voted ‘Romney’ just because it wasn’t “Obama”?

  16. rhandwerk says:

    came from up high down to her. no doubt.

  17. Arlie says:

    Listening to Rush too? I checked many sites…I think you’re first BC!
    Although it was reported long,long ago at canadafreepress. Now there
    is definite proof? Jerrett & Abiden….infiltrators worse than Toyko Rose.
    Pray the whole deception cracks open and burns. G-d Bless America Again.

    • BC says:

      I don’t know, it depends on how credible those “confidential sources” are. But if I have learned anything in my 43 years, most rumors are based in fact.

      Especially ones that come from left field.

      • James says:

        Rumors come from ALL sides. I say the same exact thing about rumors from the right. I think the majority of them are BS.

        • Andy says:

          Unfortunately, Rumors are just that. Remember the rumor that Romney had not paid any taxes for several years. Of course the rumor was put out by the Dems, but rumors do not always have any form of factual basis.

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