Ed Morrissey With ‘Little Green Hot Air’ Attacks Ted Cruz

I am not even going to justify this Morrissey dipshittery with a rebuttal. Its ridiculousness should be self-evident. Instead I am going to highlight what his move to the left has done to the Hot Air blog.

Hot Air

I think is a nice microcosm, if you will, of what happened to both John McCain and Mitt Romney in the presidential elections, and it’s a key indicator of what will happen in 2016 if the GOP is dumb enough to take is harebrained advice.

Little Green Hot Air:

Earlier this week, CNN asked me to write an op-ed on Ted Cruz, and whether he’s a realistic contender for the presidency. My reaction: Of course he is — but probably not in 2016. And for that matter, neither are the Republicans who seem to get the most mention for that position…

Here is the daily traffic chart for Hot Air and The Gateway pundit. I think you probably already know that on Alexa the smaller the ranking the bigger the site. Obviously the chart has the scale with the bigger number on bottom so that a decrease in blog size will be indicated by a dip in the trend.

The hockey-stick effect you see starts about the time Allahdipshit came out of the closet as a full-blown RINO seat sniffing sellout with a condition I am calling Cranial Rectal-Romnesia.

By contrast, Jim Hoft, who is a good solid Teaparty blogger, enjoyed a dramatic increase in traffic during that period.

Hot Air NumbersUglystat does a wonderful job of illustrating what a gain in the Alexa rank does to a site’s hit numbers.

About eight months ago Hot Air was worth over $2, 400, 00 dollars, had over a quarter million daily hits and an Alexa Rank of around 3,000.

Later I started adding putting these stats in a spreadsheet:

Hot Air
Date $ Worth Daily Hits Alexa Rank
5/30/2013 1,464,480 169,554 5,683
7/31/2013 1,312,200 151,911 6,343
Loss 152,280 17,643 660

Both Alexa and UglyStat say that Hot Air is half the size it was just eight months ago, and is circling the toilet bowl because they have decided to abandon their base. Which is a very good lesson to keep in mind when picking a presidential nominee.

I think he knows all of this. I think his writing for CNN, and his lack of advertizing has tipped his hand that he is about to give up Hot Air altogether.

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4 Responses to Ed Morrissey With ‘Little Green Hot Air’ Attacks Ted Cruz

  1. Dedwzyl says:

    I’ve been reading gateway pundit for quite some time, starting back when I was active military. I never read hot air except a few times over the last year and d.idnt see a point to reading it when Im41, GWP, weasel zippers, I own the world, AWD and others do a better job and don’t get squishy.

  2. Nathan Forck says:

    I agree hotair has sucked particularly bad the last year. I have been trying to find a conservative news aggregator site to replace them…Gateway Pundit you say? Also, where are you getting that HA is half the size? Not seeing that from the numbers…

    • BC says:

      The link is on the posting right by the numbers – also you can go to Alexa and see the trends for yourself.

      Gateway Pundit, Doug Ross @ Journal, The Right Scoop, Weasel Zippers, iOwnTheWorld, Bad Blue, are all good solid sites…

      You can come back here too if you want.

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