Rand Paul’s Vacation Somewhat Different From Obama’s


We’ve all heard of Obama’s vacations, but it is interesting to know what senator Rand Paul did during the August recess. Golfing?  Martha’s Vineyard? Frolicking on the beach?  No.  Paul spent his vacation giving free eye surgeries to low-income patients.  Now I realize the president needs to rest and can’t spend all of his time doing charity work.  But seriously, can anyone think of anything Obama has ever done compassion-wise, that actually cost him something and wasn’t on the taxpayer’s dime, or some way calculated to advance his ambitions?

[National Review Online]  You have on blue clothes,” Burke marvels.

Paul, who just moments ago was bent over Burke, looking through a microscope at her eye as he methodically and precisely moved needles and tools to remove the cataract, laughs happily. “You’re seeing colors again,” he warmly observes. 

“Now you’ll recognize him on TV,” Bowers jokes to Burke about Paul.

“Oh my God,” Burke repeats. “It’s awesome. Oh my goodness.”


Burke is one of four patients that Paul performs pro bono eye surgery on today. In recent years, Paul has done between 10 and 15 eye surgeries a year for free. “I’ve always done some since I’ve been in practice,” he recounts. In 1995, Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, which provided free eye care for low-income people, “because I wanted to be able to give back to the community.” He did free operations for locals and also for children who had come all the way from Guatemala.


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  1. texasvetgal says:

    Libs will accuse Rand of trying to Blind these recipients into Conservatism.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder…To bad Rand cant do Brain Surgery!

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