RINO BLOG ALERT! – PJ Media Jumps The Shark, Attacks Ted Cruz

Rick Moran [sic] over at PJ Media has made our list of disgusting Rino bloggers with the most ridiculous fact-less KARLwinian hit piece on Ted Cruz to date.  It is noting but a hate filled rant consisting of Ad Hominem jabs. He doesn’t even have the class, or the brains, to try to back them up with  policy arguments.


The first red flag is his use of the Rino mantra, “traditional conservative principles.” You know. The principles that cost us the House, Senate and White House in 2008, and handed Obama the election again in 2012.

This is a different Republican Party than the one just five years ago — which was a different party from the one a decade before and the one a decade before that again. The shift has been radical. It has redefined conservatism in the process, eschewing traditional conservative principles and substituting a blindly partisan, wild-eyed extremist ideology that turns on and bites its own at the first sign of apostasy.

The “blindly partisan, wild-eyed” extremism he is referring to is the Teaparty. The grassroots sleeping giant that awoke to win back the House and even up the Senate in 2010. Damn those extremists!

But he wasn’t happy with just attacking the Teaparty. He went on to spread the uninformed Rino lie that defunding Obamacare is impossible:

Wanting to defund Obamacare is not extreme. But denying reality by believing it’s possible demonstrates just how far around the bend the base of the Republican Party has traveled. And punishing those who point out the futility of such by attempting to promote the idea that they actually support Obamacare is childish. This tenuous hold on reality also manifests itself in wild conspiracy theories, unreasonable demands on the GOP leadership, and a rejection of responsible governance.

I won’t try to dispel this attack on common sense myself. Instead I will let true policy wonks like Niels Lesniewski over at Roll Call, and Mark Levin do it for me.

Ted Cruz Might Be Right About Defunding Obamacare in the Senate

Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday evening that he hopes every Senate Republican will stand up against funding Obamacare. But even that might not be enough to stop the Senate from stripping defunding language from a House spending bill.

“I would make a plea today to the 46 Senate Republicans that today is a day for party unity; that every Senate Republican should stand with Republicans in the House, should stand with conservatives and should stand with the American people,” the Texas Republican said during a joint appearance with Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Fox News.

Earlier in the day, House Republicans accused Cruz and Lee of giving up the fight when they suggested that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has the votes to remove the provision defunding Obamacare from the House measure.

But just how many Republican defectors does Reid need to round up in support of a stopgap spending measure that holds the health care overhaul harmless? The answer might be zero.

What about the number of GOP senators the Nevada Democrat would need to break a potential filibuster? The answer to that might technically be zero, too.

You will have to follow the link above to read the rest. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are 3 moves ahead of the liberals, and five moves ahead of dipshits like Rick Moran [sic].

Mark Levin’s “Defunding Obamacare For Dummies!”

Moran’s [sic] hit piece is truly pathetic. At least when Ed Morrissey at Hot Air attacks Cruz he makes a half-assed attempt at trying to back it up with the latest New York Times communist Op-Ed.

Moran [sic] no more. He will forever be known as Moron here at im41.com…

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6 Responses to RINO BLOG ALERT! – PJ Media Jumps The Shark, Attacks Ted Cruz

  1. Arlie says:

    House GOP Leaders hold rally following CR vote 230-189. American people saved Boehner’s job. Cost $986.3 Billion to run the Fed Gvmt for 2.5 months without funding Obamacare? Sounds expensive to me. http://www.c-span.org/Events/House-GOP-Leaders-Hold-Rally-Following-CR-Vote/10737441605-1/

    New twitter hash tag house is using: #SenateMustAct

    Cantor mentions 3 Senate Dems NC, MO, Alaska that must join ALL Senate GOP…even you nasty RINO’s better stand up now….cause it’s RINO season and you’re IT. Time to put extreme pressure on the cowardly RINOs. Thanks BC and Joe Dan, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and the million plus that have signed the petition. G-d Bless!

  2. Arlie says:

    Ever head of Jason Lewis? He’s on am radio everyday spouting the same RINO cowardly CRAPOLA about government shut down hurting Republicans. He totally misses the point and merits of it ALL! To make people more confused, he’s pretty good on other issues
    He make me so mad i want to spit…but i won’t even waste my spit. i shut him off! He also was at the Tea Party Tax Day Rally in St. Paul, MN Capitol this year with…another RINO..Grover Norquist… who doesn’t know by now that Norquist works with the Muslim Brotherhood and is another fake conservative that has infiltrated and helped destroy the conservative base by using disinformation?

    • Racist says:

      Jason Lewis used to be on in the afternoons here in NC until he got the BOOT for his incessant Palin and Bachmann bashing. I liked him for a bit too due to his seemingly common sense Conservative stance, until the PDS surfaced and brought out with it his true colors! RINO Pink that is!

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