Grab The Kleenex – ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Pray For A 13-year-old Cancer Patient – Video


Barracuda Brigade –  Here’s the video of their prayer. It’s truly a touching moment.


A brave cancer-stricken 13-year-old got in an ambulance last week and hurried over to an outdoor even where she could meet her favorite cast members of her favorite show.

The cast of Duck Dynasty has always been a very endearing group, but what they do after they learn of this girl’s sickness just melted my heart.

Led by Alan Robertson, the famed family’s eldest son, was joined by parents Phil and Miss Kay and Uncle Si in laying hands on and praying for Skye Loustalot, a teenager who is battling osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

“I pray that you’ll bless her with healing and restoration. I pray for her family tonight, Father,” Robertson said as tears filled Skye’s eyes. “I pray you’ll lift them up in a very powerful way. Give her courage.”

Skye shared her excitement with the world following the event.

She wrote on her Facebook:

“Had so much fun with my family at the duck dynasty event it was a blast!! Thank you mom and dad for standing out in the rain for me I know you guys got soaked and y’all were freezing but I know you did it for me I love y’all and thanks to my sister to and both my brothers I love all of y’all I’m so glad I got to hold Si’s hand it was so amazing!!!!!”

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