Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Evolution Debate: Insecure Atheists Calling For Bill Nye To Cancel — Scheduled February 4th

Ken Ham vs bill nyeLive Here Scheduled for Feb 4, 2014:

This debate is going to be great! And don’t be worried about Ham losing. Because if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Ken Ham speak, let me be the first to tell you that the man is laser smart. His IQ has to be off the charts.

Evolutionists applauded Bill Nye when he promoted evolution and millions of years in various video clips and interviews over the past couple of years–but now a number of atheists (including this atheist anthropologist) are claiming; “Bill Nye is not really an expert on evolution and is actually not that experienced in debates.”

Oh boo-hoo. If his science is right, he should win the debate. Right? Nye should wipe the floor with the “flat-earthier” shouldn’t he? The science community has let a dunce represent them in a debate with a highly intelligent, highly informed scholar who happens to be a legendary apologist, and they know it.

Ken Ham vs bill nyeAt least they are smart enough to see what is coming.

(Panda) It can be done, but Nye does not have training. He is not a Jedi yet.


Can Bill Bye list two dozen transitional fossils off the top of his head? I sincerely doubt it. What will he say when they cite Oxnard 1975?

He’ll get chewed up. He should let a Jedi take his place.

So of course the atheists don’t want this to happen, because Ken Ham is going to chew Nye up and spit him out. And he will use science to do it.

[Video Below The Fold]

(Ken Ham) Evolutionists Running Scared The anti-creationist website Panda’s Thumb has an item about the upcoming debate between Bill Nye (the “Science Guy” of TV fame) and me. AiG released information about this February 4 debate yesterday on our website. It didn’t take long before social media went nuts when Christians and non-Christians began to find out about this debate. But there is a common thread through the social media posts from secularists others—they want Bill Nye to cancel. Why? Well read this post on the Panda’s Thumb website . . . Keep Reading

Here is a little glimpse of what the not so bright Bill Nye has gotten himself into. Starting at about the 10:30 mark – it is not as good as when he destroys radiocarbon dating, but will give you an idea.

Grab a cup of coffee and listen through to the end…


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4 Responses to Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Evolution Debate: Insecure Atheists Calling For Bill Nye To Cancel — Scheduled February 4th

  1. Navigator says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thelma Lou says:

    “A Jedi?” Seriously? Good grief, what a childish delusion, that some hero of a religious atheist is somehow unbeatable by a knowledgeable creationist. If the guy thinks Bill Nye is too dumb to win the debate why doesn’t he just say so? Is it just that he knows that it takes a lot of slight-of-hand to convincingly argue that life spontaneously generated from nothing, and he knows Bill Nye is not enough of a smooth-talker to pull it off?

  3. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I first saw this on a link my commie brother (with whom I have not spoken to in 4 years), who hasn’t had an original thought in 70 plus years on this earth, posted on his Facebook page.

    Get your popcorn ready: Bill Nye the science guy to debate idiot Creation Museum founder Ken Ham

    I don’t have time to watch the whole thing, but in the first few minutes I did see of Ham, Nye is going to get buried. Ham is completely right about people just spouting off something or another they heard which backs up their preconceived ideas, which, I might add, are not their ideas but “borrowed” ideas.

    I’m with you on the intelligence of Nye – what little of it there is.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest after work.

  4. Ulises jofre says:

    Some questions for a chaotic and friendly debate, is there evolution if there is no time? How will evolutionary biology meet new physical paradigms about time, space and so on? Will new conceptual changes deny evolution? On the contrary, will it become a more extraordinary process, full of astonishing implications? If so, will human beings and the rest of living beings become different as science progresses? Will the image in the mirror of theories change? After all, is life something fix-finite-defined? That is, can one understand it with its peculiar brain and its limited words? Will science add indefinitely without understanding completely? But, is it possible to understand something totally? Along these lines, a different book, a preview in Just a suggestion, far away form dogmas or axioms

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