KImber’s .38 Super Target II

I want one…

Gun Magazine – It is hard to believe anyone is not familiar with Kimber unless they have been living in a cave for the past several decades, but just in case we need to mention Kimber is number one when it comes to producing 1911s with over 40 percent of the market share. Although they may call it a Target Pistol, actually the Stainless Target II is also a superb Trail Gun.

The .38 Super is certainly not made for big-game hunting, however with hardcast SWC or JHP bullets, a quality holster, and some time to roam the sagebrush, foothills, forests or mountains, it comes ready to serve right out-of-the-box. To me a Target Pistol conjures up visions of standing on my hind legs in a classic bull’s-eye stance with shooting arm extended, off-hand in the pants pocket, and aiming at a small black bull’s-eye at 25 yards… Keep Reading

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