Liberal War On Women – Feminazi Terry O’Neill Can’t Help Degrading Ann Romney To Pig Ed Schultz

Discussing sexism with Special Ed Schultz is about as dumb as asking Anthony Weiner about the finer points of email etiquette. But that doesn’t stop the hard boiled, penis envy crazed, feminazi O’Neill from vomiting up her bile and then lapping it up again.

Fire Andrea Mitchell – Again, the irony here just drips. You have so called feminist and NOW president Terry O’Neill discussing women’s issue and Hilary Rosen’s slur towards Ann Romney with NBC/MSNBC misogynist pig Ed Schultz. This is the same Ed Schultz who proclaimed Laura Ingraham to be a “right-wing slut” and a “talk slut.” The NOW president O’Neill not only defended Hilary Rosen’s slur towards Ann Romney, but also declared to the MSNBC squealing pig that Ann Romney lacks the “life experience” and “imagination” to understand most Americans. For good measure, Maxine Water called Romney “Rot-Ney.”

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