Iron mike Spits Out Chunks Of Ear, Clears Throat And Joins His Intellectual Equals In The Liberal Media

This babbling buffoon has just TKOed his last remaining ounce of self dignity, but at least he is smart enough to know it. When Sharpton and Jackson spout their nonsense, they both maintain the punch drunk look of an idiot that really believes that they have just said something profound.

‘Resist We Much’

Jimmy Z
- “AS CARTOONISH AS AL SHARPTON AND JESSE JACKSON might seem, they both sound like the most astute observers of our social issues imaginable when compared with Mike Tyson. Yet when Tyson was interviewed for his inexplicable new one man ‘show’ at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and he began spouting incoherently and irrationally about the Trayvon Martin shooting, he has been quoted all over the internet.

Is it possible that one of the Sunday morning talk shows would book him as a roundtable guest? Have your DVRs ready!”

Via The Jimmy Z Show

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