Too Dumb To Breath – Round Credit Cards

In case you are in fact too dumb to breathe, note that I spell it breath on purpose, to be funny.

“Too dumb” in the title + using a word wrong = Slightly funny

This should be obvious to anyone with an IQ of 80, but I have a feeling that some brain surgeon will correct me. Sadly this poor person will feel all smart and proud of themselves when they correct  my  error.  It won’t last long.

For my own amusement, this is the last time I clarify this in the category. I will send Captain Obvious to this thread when they enlighten me with their wisdom, plus I will stamp their name on the nifty (first ever) dipshit  award.

I will keep posting stuff  under this category name until I catch me a liberal dipshit. Conservatives are much too smart to fall for it.

Check back someone might even correct me on this very posting, even with the explanation here for them to read.

HT Bits and Pieces

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