Lamborghini SUV Images Leaked Out Ahead of Announcement

(The Inquisitor) – Lamborghini’s SUV was intended to be shown off for the very first time at the Beijing Motor Show next week, but the first images of the company’s upcoming vehicle, as well as its name and a few specs, managed to leak out online ahead of the official announcement.

The soon-to-be revealed Lamborghini SUV, the first offroader from the company since the 80s-90s, will apparently be called the Urus, according to CarsUK, and the aggressive-looking SUV is, judging from the images, apparently borrowing some features from the Aventador and the Gallardo.

The full range of specs for the Lamborghini SUV aren’t known at this point, but it’s believed that the Urus will be powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. The engine is the very same one seen in Bentley’s Continental GT, but the Urus will get a little more power out of the engine–somewhere in the 600b bhp range, according to the report.

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