DUMB AS A STUMP: Romney Hiring Gay Spokesman!

There is no way in hell that this dipshit is going to beat Obama.

The Teaparty has giving him a collective yawn. They have put down their signs, said “screw it an went home.” They will not be out campaigning this Fall like they would have if Bachmann or Palin was the nominee. They will be at deer camp.

But it gets worse!

Romney’s chances of winning were already slim, but now after hiring a homosexual to be his spokesman, they are none.

He has just sent home the conservative base — the evangelicals. How smart was that?

If you want to beat liberals — fire up the base by running conservatives. Did people not learn a thing from running the lukewarm conservative McCain in 2008?

Oh well! There is always 2016.


THE BLAZE – Mitt Romney’s decision to hire an openly gay foreign policy spokesman this past week prompted criticism from the director of the socially conservative American Family Association.

Bryan Fischer, who has made controversial comments about Islam, homosexuality and the Mormon faith, said in a tweet Friday night that Romney’s pick of “out & loud gay“ Richard Grenell is a message to the ”pro-family community“ to ”drop dead.” …Keep Reading

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