Unsatisfied With Head Of Secrete Servicing

Under the Obama administration we’ve become so accustom to failure, that we have totally abandoned the practice holding those in charge accountable for failing as leaders.

Like Bush or not, you can bet your butt that after the first embarrassing security breach that man in charge would have been kicking rocks. We would have never had a “hooker-gate.”

(JZ) – “AS THE SECRET SERVICE SCANDAL WIDENS, I keep asking myself, why is everyone giving the director, Mark Sullivan, a pass? Obviously something is very wrong with the US Secret Service.

This is the guy who was in charge when that reality TV couple crashed a state dinner a the White House. And now supervisors are involved with hookers in Columbia ahead of Obama’s appearance?

I don’t care who the President is, this is totally unacceptable. President Z or Senator Z or Congressman Z would be calling for an immediate dismissal of Director Sullivan. This is his department, and his department looks terrible!”

Audio Here:

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