Nasty Hook Photos: How to Remove a Fish Hook and Treat the Injury

If you are a fisherman, you have had the unfortunate and painful experience of getting snagged by your own hook.  Outdoor Life does a great job of cluing people in on how to get that damned thing out, plus how to treat the injuries.

Here are just two of the nineteen examples: (GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING)

(Outdoor Life)- Survival blogger Tim MacWelch explains the steps you need to take when a fish hook ends up in the wrong spot.

When It’s More Serious: A fishhook injury is more serious when the fishhook is in or near an eye, the barb can’t be removed by self-treatment, the bleeding is severe or can’t be stopped, or the wound is big enough that it needs stitches.

Sit Down, Calm Down: You’ll need to prevent further injury as soon as you realize that you or someone with you has a hook injury. Getting impaled by a barbed hook can be pretty shocking, so the injured person should sit down, calm down and have someone help them. The last thing you want on a slippery river bank or rocking boat is an injured person staggering around.

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