Twitter Mob Calls For Zimmerman’s Death

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(JZ)- “IN SPITE OF VERY SPECIFIC RULES TO THE CONTRARY, Twitter users post threats on the life of George Zimmerman, much like the old west when the men in town would demand a suspect be turned over to them by the sheriff for a midnight hanging. To my knowledge, all of the Twitter accounts wherein users posted their direct threats to kill Mr. Zimmerman are still in working order. That includes one such account where the user, a “Rick Cobain”, threatened the judge that ordered Zimmerman out on bail! Maybe we all know that these losers are pussified cowards – but that’s no excuse for the douchebags who own and operate Twitter to avoid enforcing their TOS. It begs the question: Why have any terms of service at all if you’re going to allow the most egregious comments to be posted without retribution?”

VIA The Jimmy Z Show

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