Sarah Phillips, Mysterious Writer, Fired By ESPN

(Yahoo Sports) – The bizarre story of Sarah Phillips, the ESPN freelancer and alleged Internet scam artist, continued on Wednesday, as more people came forward to say they were conned by the former columnist.

Phillips, who posted around 10 items per month for ESPN since she was hired in September, was terminated Tuesday after Deadspin identified her as the ringleader of a scheme that conned popular web producers out of rights to their content. The 22-year-old used her lofty status as an ESPN writer to convince youngsters with high follower counts on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to join a non-existent sports comedy venture. In exchange for a stake in that site, the producers turned over their comedic Facebook pages and parody Twitter feeds to Phillips and others. She was looking for rubes and the Internet was full of them.

As Deadspin and other websites have detailed, Phillips used these new sites to promote her own work. The sockpuppetry helped raise her Twitter follower count to over 60,000.

When two of the writers realized that the promise of riches from Phillips’ venture was a pipe dream, they demanded she return their sites and passwords… Keep Reading

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