The First Winner Of The Dipshit Award!

I have been waiting for over a month to find someone dumb enough to deserve this great honor. I have had a few to come close, but until now I yet to witness an individual with the sheer ignorance to justify being it’s very first recipient.

Here is how Gary pulled away with the win:

I posted a video on CBC from IOTW  titled “Maher Throws Obama Under the Bus,” where they took Maher talking about Bush and made it look like he was talking about Obama.  They obviously did this  to not only highlight Maher’s hypocrisy, but also to illustrate that Obama is embodiment of the complete failure that Maher described Bush as just a few years ago.

Here watch.

Pretty simple to understand right? It is also very easy to understand that I am not the author of the video right? You would think that this would be obvious to anyone smart enough to breathe.

Even a complete moron should quickly deduce the message of the video.

Not Gary.

Here is what he wrote in the comment section of my other forum type blog Conservative Blogs Central:

(Gary) The real issue BC is your lack of credibility, your questionable integrity.  You do in fact alter content to back up your views.  Case in point your recent sharing of a piece of video called Bill Maher throws Obama under the bus.  The full unedited video was uploaded to You Tube six years ago.  It is available for all to see.  In the unedited version it turns out Maher is talking about George Bush not Obama.  I’m no fan of Maher or Obama but you discredit us all when you resort to deception.  I think we have enough reasons to question the presidents policies without creating fiction presented as fact. 

This comment not only got him booted from commenting on the site, is also sealed the deal, making him the first winner of the dipshit award.

Congratulations Gary!!


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