Beck Making Fun Of Chris Matthews Proving He Is A Moron On Celebrity Jeopardy (Video)

(Glenn Beck) – Yesterday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews gave Glenn, Pat and Stu the greatest gift ever by being a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy.

It was just a few short years ago that the pompous Chris Matthews was begging to see Sarah Palin go on Jeopardy claiming she would quite possibly look like “an imbecile” and “doesn’t know anything.”

After playing the audio clip of Matthews’ former comments, Glenn warned that “there’s something bad coming for Chris Matthews,” alluding to his appearance on last night’s episode of Jeopardy. “I can hear the hoof beats getting closer,” he joked.

Well, Glenn was right – it’s not likely that Matthews’ appearance on Jeopardy will be added to his ‘top career moments’. After being announced as a former Jimmy Carter speech-writer (really not the kind of thing most people would want to highlight on their resume), Matthews went on to struggle through the show… Keep Reading

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