The War On….Men?

Is this the next stage in the further emasculation of men?  Will the boys of tomorrow be heard uttering the phrase, “I swear baby, I’m on the pill?”

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are on the cusp of creating a male birth control pill.  (Have you Scots nothing better to do with your time???)


When it comes to birth control, numerous options are available to women to help them regulate their menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation.  But what if a birth control pill for men were available?

That prospect may soon become a reality now that researchers at the University of Edinburgh have recently discovered a gene that is essential for the development of sperm.  Their study, published in the journal PLos Genetics, highlights the gene Katnal1, which causes temporary infertility in male mice when blocked.

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Guys, would you really use “the pill” if it was made available to you?




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9 Responses to The War On….Men?

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  2. I’ll say “eww”, and leave it at that.

  3. LiverEatingJohnson says:

    Shane can try and force it on me…and I will shoot him in the fucking head.

  4. Mia says:

    There is one upside you can all agree on. Less condoms.

    • Wakefield Tolbert says:

      I remember when those things were all the rage for supposedly protecting people, but now I don’t hear much about them anymore. So Sandra the Wondergirl is up on Capitol Hill extolling the virtues of those magical 30-count anti-Stork pills. And that we have to pay for her pelvic encounters. But beyond the philosphical problem with that, I take it that Sandra and pals are not concerned about getting hot man injections all the time? When Koop was the Surgeon General, all I heard and saw promoted was being Trojan warrior. Weat a condom, eat a condom, put one on the nose and fingers, and let’s all go singing condom songs on Broadway while having them hang off the ears and then we’ll dip them in honey and all lick condoms in celebration of “safe sex” and other playtimes…

      That’s all gone away now. Oh well…

  5. Real men don’t need this. Girly men may; it’ll might them with their transformation.

    Shane – Kinda funny how all of the peaceful liberals are the first to violence. I know you are a liberal because 1) Real men do not need this & 2) Conservatives do not force people into things like this.

    • Shane says:

      Taras, It’s obvious you don’t know shit about my political views, or history of conservatives. Feel free to enjoy the rhythm method either as a ‘real man, or with your real man’ and the 18 kids you get from it, or just give it/take it in the ass like a good conservative.

  6. Shane says:

    Not only would I use it, I’d force it upon every stupid guy who says he wouldn’t use it…

  7. conservativeBC says:

    Not me!!

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