Tropical Storm Beryl Taking Aim on Jacksonville, North Florida

(Accuweather) Tropical Storm Beryl continues to track westward, and it looks to make landfall late this evening south of Jacksonville, Fla. The storm will bring locally flooding rain, strong winds and rough surf to much of the Southeast coast into early this week.

Track and Landfall Information

Beryl is taking a very odd track for any Atlantic storm. The storm is tracking just south of due west at the present time, and that motion is expected to continue into Monday morning.

On its current track, Beryl will make landfall just south of Jacksonville, Fla., late this evening, between the 8 p.m. and midnight time frame.

“A direct hit on Jacksonville is rare,” Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski stressed in this story. “Typically, tropical storms and hurricanes approach Jacksonville from the south, before eventually curving northeastward and bypassing the city to the east.”

The odd track of Beryl is being caused by an upper-level ridge of high pressure which has built over the storm. The clockwise winds around the upper ridge are causing Beryl to steer westward toward the coast… Keep Reading

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