House Debates Bill to Ban Sex-selective Abortions

I’m going to be blunt.  What the hell are people thinking?  Are we so concerned with creating “designer babies” that we would chose to abort a child because he’s a he???

The staggering number of abortions is bad enough.  The fact that 90% of pregnancies where Down Syndrome is detected end in abortion is horrifying.  On some visceral level, I can see it.  It’s fear based.  (It’s also ridiculous to fear but that’s for another blog).  I can’t believe we are in a place where sex-selective abortions are being debated in Congress.  It’s disgusting to know that there are plenty of people out there willing to support it’s being legal.  A constitutional right, by God!!  (Of course, those are the same people that think “God” is a lesbian woman).

Think about that for a moment.  Let it sink in.

We have become a nation willing to debate an issue that should be common sense.  We’re talking about  a life as if it were a Cabbage Patch Doll.  What have we become?


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