Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award 2013

Well the second annual “Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogoshere” contest is over, and we have our winner…

Joe Dan – @  Intellectual Froglegs


From the We HEART IFL Facebook page


Runner-Up goes to…

Kenny Lane ( Wirecutter) @ Knuckledraggin My Life Away 

(Not Always NSFW)


And third goes to…

Stilton Jarsberg@ 


And just for being nominated into such a prestigious group…

COOLEST-SOB nominee 2013

Score With Handicap Updated 6/09/13 07:06 PM cst

Actual Final Alexa
Blogger Votes Score  Raking
1 Buffoon @  Blur Brain 18 27.00 595,871
2 Jim @  Conservatives on Fire  6 12.00 2,145,355
3 Arron Burr @  Evil Conservatives 14 28.00 5,387,567
4 BigFurHat @  IOTW  157 157.00 107,658
5 David @ The Daily Cheese 4 8.00 1000000
6 Oleg Atbashian @ The People’s Cube 113 141.25 174,449
7 Martin @ WWTFT 5 10.00 2,147,420
8 Gatordoug @ The Daily Gator  16 24.00 514,445
9 Maggie – Maggie’s Notebook 36 45.00 349,156
10 Bob Mack – Be Sure You’re Right 7 14.00 26,020,596
11 ‘Grumpy’ – Grumpy Opinions 11 16.50 855,366
12 Reaganite – Reaganite Republican 20 30.00 692,457
13 Dave Blount – Moonbattery 128 128.00 130,934
14 Doug Ross -  DR and Journal 29 36.25 160,208
15 BC – I’m 41 47 58.75 264,764
16 Wirecutter @ Knuckledraggin 597 746.25 324,568
17 Pissed - Feral Irishman  216 270.00 371,710
18 Ulsterman – The Ulsterman Report 48 48.00 73,232
19 JustCommonSense  - Lost in America 8 16.00 7,053,434
20 Mockarena-  Chicks On The Right 48 48.00 36,449
21 Daisy-  Chicks On The Right 42 42.00 36,449
22 Harvey – IMAO 82 102.50 267,351
23 Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch 76 76.00 53,789
24 Elena McCall – Conservative Truth 5 10.00 11,026,798
25 Silverfiddle – WESTERN HERO 5 10.00 9,400,756
26 Gerard  – AMERICAN DIGEST 24 30.00 249,565
27 Maksim – 42 84.00 4,378,630
28 Steve - Cry and Howl 11 22.00 2,592,068
29 LC – anti-idiotarian Rottweiler 23 46.00 1,223,466
30 LadyRaven – Whiskey In A jar 12 24.00 9,357,848
31 Curmudgeon  – Clown Parade 19 38.00 5,445,471
32 Jared – The Looking Spoon 32 40.00 228,150
33 Sarcastica – Diogenes Middle Finger 40 80.00 2,897,233
34 Sundance – The Last Refuge 95 118.75 194,944
35 Jim Hoft @ The Gateway Pundit 63 63.00 12,102
36 Skookum @ Flopping Aces 12 15.00 231,432
37 AWD @ Angry White Dude 79 98.75 187,568
38 DrJohn  @ Flopping Aces 8 10.00 231,432
39 Sad Hill @ Sad Hill News 14 21.00 926,100
40 Bob @ Black & Right 15 30.00 1,004,177
41 Will Profit @ Capitalist Preservation 21 42.00 2,800,405
42 RANDY @ Randy’s Round Table 12 24.00 2,310,164
43 Mr Pinko – @  IOTW  65 65.00 107,658
44 Mr. Positive – @  Proof Positive 15 30.00 1,767,729
45 Odie – @ Man Got Wood 11 22.00 2,692,397
46 DIANNY – @  Maser Media 56 112.00 2,336,522
47 earl – @  The Earl of Taint 11 22.00 11,582,433
48 Broken Patriot – @The Broken Patriot 12 24.00 2,518,387
49 Miss K – @  MissK’s World… 118 236.00 2,032,314
50 William Teach – @ Pirate’s Cove 17 21.25 402,673
51 Arron Burr – @  Evil Conservatives 15 30.00 5,470,708
52 Angrymike – @  Angrymikes Hood 71 142.00 1,424,117
53 Scooter Van Neuter – @  Big Hairy News 36 72.00 3,694,460
54 Joe Dan – @  IntellectualFroglegs 743 928.75 324,568
55 Orly Taitz – @ 26 32.50 166,552
56 Gina Miller – @  RenewAmerica 172 172.00 111,643
57 Stilton Jarsberg – @ 318 397.50 456,479
58 Angel – @  The Lonely Libertarian 116 174.00 750,917
59 Daniel Greenfield – @  Sultan Knish 61 76.25 278,636
60 Will – @ Pro Libertate 4 6.00 637,128
61 Soylent Green – @ Soylent Refuge 72 144.00 1,160,037
62 David Yeagley – @ Bad Eagle 14 28.00 1,321,811
63 David Burge – @ IowaHawk 126 189.00 854,895
64 Eric Dondero – @ Libertarian Republican 7 10.50 832,601
65 Alfonzo Rachel – @ ZoNation 95 142.50 826,515
66 Chris Muir – @ Day By Day Cartoon 69 69.00 83,986
67 Tara Ross – @ 1 2.00 16,951,179
68 Navy Gentleman – @ Conservative Vctory News 10 15.00 575,584
69 GunnyG – @ THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE 14 28.00 1,001,925
70 Bustedknuckles – @ The Vulgar Curmudgeon 11 22.00 2,447,706
71 nmbillb – @ Survivalist Boards 51 51.00 20,304
72 Larry Sinclair – @ LS News Group 0 0.00 1,996,076

Well bloggers tonight is the final night of voting. Tomorrow we will crown In The Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere for 2013. It is a prestigious title to hold for a year. One that carries a lot of responsibility. But I have complete confidence that whoever comes out on top will represent us well.

It has been a lot of hard work putting up this little contest. I hope you all had fun.

No it is not perfect, and yes it can be done better. But I do my best to make it fair, and I try to improve it on it each year.

Suggestion are always welcome.

Tomorrow night I will enter the final votes into the spreadsheet and announce the final scores…


About Intellectual Frog Legs:

After consulting with a number of people, I have decided to move Joe Dan into the same handicap ranking as wirecutter. With 3,090 subscribers on his Youtube page, averaging over 5,000 views per video, I just can’t justify putting him in the 200 daily hit blog category.

Next year I will come up a formula to better include video bloggers into the handicap system.


Someone said they were having trouble voting – it is logged by ip address. I cleared the logs, so the last day is going to be interesting…

If you are still having trouble voting try deleting your cache files…


Calling Angry White Dude’s Bluff

Sexiest Conservative Blogger

contest will be October 1st…

I will make the sexiest award ever, and start taking nominees just as soon as this contest is over… I will put a link up on this thread later…


AWD is grandfathered in. We will see if his super sexy brilliance is enough?


Stilt @ Hope ‘n Change unveils the prizes, and is making a strong showing…

obama, obama jokes, scandal, irs, benghazi, ap, stilton jarlsberg, fast, furious, hope n' change, hope and change

“The first place winner will be sent to Guantanamo Bay with a black bag over his or her head, and the runner-ups will be audited within an inch of their lives until the sun is a cold, dark ember.”


BC: I have had it – this is getting embarrassing. I am going away to sulk, gather allies and to scheme!

And to consult my new consultant…

Voter Fraud Ohio Poll Worker Richardson


Early Lead:

Despite rumors that he is the long lost, more feminine, twin to Janet Napolitano, Joe Dan has jumped to an early lead.

Thanks to a Facebook drive by his loyal fans…


Update: Can’t get much cooler than this.

I asked Pamela if she would be beating up on FurHat this year again in our little contest – this was her reply:

Pamela Geller:

lol. I think it would be cool if some up and comer got it — or a long time blogger who hasn’t gotten the recognition he/she deserves.

Yours in liberty, Pamela Geller Editor, Publisher Atlas Shrugs



Update: I will add late entries as quick as I see them to the poll – and the then handicap sheet at the end of the contest…

Voting Ends Saturday June 8th at midnight CST…

May The Coolest SOB Win 8-) !!

Clarification:  You can vote for every blogger you like one time – after you vote once either for one guy or the sixty four, you are done.

Well unless you go to another IP address and fool the poll  :)

Who Is The Coolest Blogger Of 2013

  • Buffoon @  Blur Brain (1%, 18 Votes)
  • Jim @  Conservatives on Fire  (0%, 6 Votes)
  • Arron Burr @  Evil Conservatives (1%, 14 Votes)
  • BigFurHat @  IOTW  (6%, 157 Votes)
  • David @ The Daily Cheese (0%, 4 Votes)
  • Oleg Atbashian @ The People’s Cube (4%, 113 Votes)
  • Martin @ WWTFT (0%, 5 Votes)
  • Gatordoug @ The Daily Gator  (1%, 16 Votes)
  • Maggie – Maggie’s Notebook (1%, 36 Votes)
  • Bob Mack – Be Sure You’re Right (0%, 7 Votes)
  • ‘Grumpy’ – Grumpy Opinions (0%, 11 Votes)
  • Reaganite – Reaganite Republican (1%, 20 Votes)
  • Dave Blount - Moonbattery (5%, 128 Votes)
  • Doug Ross -  DR and Journal (1%, 29 Votes)
  • BC - I’m 41 (2%, 47 Votes)
  • Wirecutter – Knuckledraggin (22%, 597 Votes)
  • Pissed - Feral Irishman  (8%, 216 Votes)
  • Ulsterman – The Ulsterman Report (2%, 48 Votes)
  • JustCommonSense  - Lost in America (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Mockarena-  Chicks On The Right (2%, 48 Votes)
  • Daisy-  Chicks On The Right (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Harvey – IMAO (3%, 82 Votes)
  • Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch (3%, 76 Votes)
  • Elena McCall – Conservative Truth (0%, 5 Votes)
  • Silverfiddle – WESTERN HERO (0%, 5 Votes)
  • Gerard – AMERICAN DIGEST (1%, 24 Votes)
  • Maksim – (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Steve - Cry and Howl (0%, 11 Votes)
  • LC – anti-idiotarian Rottweiler (1%, 23 Votes)
  • LadyRaven – Whiskey In A jar (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Curmudgeon  – Political Clown Parade (1%, 19 Votes)
  • Jared – The Looking Spoon (1%, 32 Votes)
  • Sarcastica – Diogenes Middle Finger (1%, 40 Votes)
  • Sundance – The Last Refuge (3%, 95 Votes)
  • Jim Hoft @ The Gateway Pundit (2%, 63 Votes)
  • Skookum @ Flopping Aces (0%, 12 Votes)
  • AWD @ Angry White Dude (3%, 79 Votes)
  • DrJohn  @ Flopping Aces (0%, 8 Votes)
  • Sad Hill @ Sad Hill News (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Bob @ Black & Right (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Will Profit @ Capitalist Preservation (1%, 21 Votes)
  • RANDY @ Randy’s Round Table (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Mr Pinko – @  IOTW  (2%, 65 Votes)
  • Mr. Positive – @  Proof Positive (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Odie – @ Man Got Wood (0%, 11 Votes)
  • DIANNY - @  Maser Media (2%, 56 Votes)
  • earl - @  The Earl of Taint (0%, 11 Votes)
  • Broken Patriot - @ The Broken Patriot (0%, 12 Votes)
  • Miss K - @  MissK's World... (4%, 118 Votes)
  • William Teach - @ Pirate’s Cove (1%, 17 Votes)
  • Arron Burr – @  Evil Conservatives (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Angrymike - @ Angrymikes Hood (3%, 71 Votes)
  • Scooter Van Neuter – @  Big Hairy News (1%, 36 Votes)
  • Joe Dan – @  IntellectualFroglegs (27%, 743 Votes)
  • Orly Taitz – @ (1%, 26 Votes)
  • Gina Miller – @  RenewAmerica (6%, 172 Votes)
  • Stilton Jarsberg – @ (12%, 318 Votes)
  • Angel – @  The Lonely Libertarian (4%, 116 Votes)
  • Daniel Greenfield – @  Sultan Knish (2%, 61 Votes)
  • Will - @ Pro Libertate (0%, 4 Votes)
  • Soylent Green - @ Soylent Refuge (3%, 72 Votes)
  • David Yeagley - @ Bad Eagle (1%, 14 Votes)
  • David Burge - @ IowaHawk (5%, 126 Votes)
  • Eric Dondero - @ Libertarian Republican (0%, 7 Votes)
  • Alfonzo Rachel - @ ZoNation (3%, 95 Votes)
  • Chris Muir - @ Day By Day Cartoon (3%, 69 Votes)
  • Tara Ross - @ (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Navy Gentleman - @ Conservative Vctory News (0%, 10 Votes)
  • GunnyG - @ THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE (1%, 14 Votes)
  • Bustedknuckles – @ The Vulgar Curmudgeon (0%, 11 Votes)
  • nmbillb @ - Survivalist Boards (2%, 51 Votes)
  • Larry Sinclair - LS News Group (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,748

Loading ... Loading ...

Here are the contestants so far, and the handicaps based on their Alexa Traffic Rank. Don’t forget to clue in your nominees, so that they have a chance of winning…



(SOB = Sweet Old Blogger)

About The Contest

There are thousands of super cool personalities in the conservative blogosphere. This award is not only an attempt to find the coolest, but also to celebrate the rest of them.

When I first started blogging, I sent a tip to Andrew Brietbart on just on a whim. It was before he became so famous by bringing down ACORN, but he still was a big time blogger. I almost fell down when I received a return email. I first thought it was a robo-email until I read it. He thanked me and said that he had already run story, but that he appreciated my effort.

wpid-Andrew-Breitbartposterfinsmi-1.jpgI remember thinking “that is one cool SOB.” He took time out of his busy schedule to answer an email from a nobody blogger who was a stranger to boot.

He is not the only blogger out there that excels in: all around coolness, class, common courtesy, etiquette, selflessness, and genuine respect for the efforts of other conservative bloggers — no matter how minimum.

So in honor of him and other classy SOBS like him, I am kicking off the first annual “Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogoshpere” award.


Grumpy Elder: “You need some publicity, I found out you were running the contest again this year by accident

I am getting a start on it early because I felt bad because some really great bloggers didn’t get clued in last time until after the contest started.


Some of the changes for 2013 will be an improved simplified handicap system, no ability to nominate yourself,  and the ability to vote multiple times (multiple people).

Plus, I will not be nominating anyone myself this time.

The deadline to nominate someone will be June 1st 2013 at midnight CST.  Voting will began June the 2nd as soon as I can get the poll up.

Voting Will Last One Week



Big Blogs: All sites with a an Alexa Traffic Rank of less than 150,000 will see no increase in the vote count.

Moderately Big Blogs: All Sites with an Alexa Traffic Rank of between 150,000 and 500,000 will see an increase of 25% in the vote count.

Medium Sized Blogs: All Sites with an Alexa Traffic Rank of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 will see an increase of 50% in the vote count.

Smaller Blogs: All Sites with an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1,000,000 or greater will see an increase of 100% in the vote count.


To nominate someone

Leave their name or pseudonym, the name of the site at which they blog, and it’s url address in the comment box below.

(If you want them to have a chance of winning, you will need to clue them in before the voting starts)

Update: To save time and work the legacy of participation rule will apply. Those who have been nominated will remain nominated from now on. 

I will update this thread once a month with the nominee’s information at the bottom in the comment box.

Note: Comments on threads close after 100 days (because of pingback spam) — if you can’t comment, email your nominee to me at


Every nominee will receive a recognition award. I will place them at the bottom of this thread after the results are in.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive awards, to commemorate them holding the Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogoshpere’s balls off the hot pavement while he/she accepts theirs.


2013 Nominees

May the coolest SOB win!

Buffoon @  Blur Brain – Nominated 1st by Xplodeit

Jim @  Conservatives on Fire – Nominated 1st by Steve

Arron Burr @  Evil Conservatives – Nominated 1st by Lucas062872

BigFurHat @  IOTW  – Nominated 1st by DarcPrynce

David @ The Daily Cheese The Daily Cheese -  Nominated 1st by Cryandhowl

Oleg Atbashian @ The People’s Cube -  Nominated 1st by jkubin

 Martin @ WWTFT-  Nominated 1st by Steve

 Gatordoug @ The Daily Gator -  Nominated 1st by Pete (via email)

Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook - Nominated 1st by Grumpy Elder

Bob Mack @ Be Sure You’re Right Then Go Ahead – Nominated 1st by Grumpy Elder

‘Grumpy’ @ Grumpy Opinions – Nominated 1st by Mike Kane

Reaganite @ Reaganite Republican – Nominated 1st by Maggie

Dave Blount @ Moonbattery – Nominated 1st by Maggie

Doug Ross @ Doug Ross and Journal - Nominated 1st by Maggie

BC @ I’m 41 – Nominated 1st by Maggie

Kenny Lane ( Wirecutter) @ Knuckledraggin My Life Away  (Not Always NSFW) – Nominated 1st by Rick Lakehomer

Pissed @ Feral Irishman  (NSFW) – Nominated 1st by Rick Lakehomer

Ulsterman @ The Ulsterman Report – Nominated 1st by Wishtrick

JustCommonSense  @ Lost in America – Nominated 1st by  KWWB1

Mockarena @ Chicks On The Right – Nominated 1st by Steph Norton

Daisy @  Chicks On The Right – Nominated 1st by Steph Norton

Harvey @ IMAO – Nominated 1st by 4of7

Robert Spencer @ Jihad Watch – Nominated 1st by BigFurHat

Elena McCall @ Conservative Truth – Nominated 1st by A Petree

Silverfiddle @ WESTERN HERO - Nominated 1st by Constitutional Insurgent

Gerard Van der Leun @ AMERICAN DIGEST – Nominated 1st by Maksim

Maksim @ - Nominated 1st by El Buffoon

Steve @ Cry and Howl - Nominated 1st by PatriotUSA

LC @ anti-idiotarian Rottweiler- Nominated 1st by PatriotUSA

LadyRaven @ Whiskey In A jar- Nominated 1st by PatriotUSA

Curmudgeon @ Political Clown Parade- Nominated 1st by PatriotUSA

Jared @ The Looking Spoon – Nominated 1st by Curmudgeon

Diogenes Sarcastica @ Diogenes Middle Finger - Nominated 1st by Curmudgeon

Sundance @ The Last Refuge - Nominated 1st by PatriotUSA

Jim Hoft @ The Gateway Pundit - Nominated 1st by coldeadhands

Skookum @ Flopping Aces - Nominated 1st by coldeadhands

AWD @ Angry White Dude – Nominated 1st by Jack Daniels

DrJohn  @ Flopping Aces - Nominated 1st by claudia

Sad Hill @ Sad Hill News - Nominated 1st by claudia

Bob @ Black & Right – Nominated 1st by claudia

Will Profit @ Capitalist Preservation - Nominated 1st by Fart Soup

RANDY @ Randy’s Round Table - Nominated 1st by Will Profit

Mr Pinko – @  IOTW  – Nominated 1st by Will Profit

Mr. Positive – @  Proof Positive – Nominated 1st by randyg1

Odie – @ woodsterman – Nominated 1st by randyg1

DIANNY – @  Maser Media – Nominated 1st by diogenes

earl – @  The Earl of Taint – Nominated 1st by diogenes

Broken Patriot – @  The Broken Patriot – Nominated 1st by Angrymike

Miss K – @  MissK’s World… – Nominated 1st by Angrymike

William Teach – @ Pirate’s Cove – Nominated 1st by Proof (@ProofBlog)

Arron Burr – @  Evil Conservatives – Nominated 1st by Winona G

Angrymike – @  Angrymikes Hood – Nominated 1st by MissK

Scooter Van Neuter – @  Big Hairy News – Nominated 1st by Earl of Taint

Joe Dan – @  IntellectualFroglegs– Nominated 1st by Arlie

Orly Taitz – @ – Nominated 1st by Arlie

Gina Miller – @  RenewAmerica – Nominated 1st by Pam

Stilton Jarsberg – @ – Nominated 1st by Thelma Lou

Angel – @  The Lonely Libertarian – Nominated 1st by MissK

Daniel Greenfield – @  Sultan Knish – Nominated 1st by Arlie

Will – @ Pro Libertate – Nominated 1st by Indy InAsia-Pacific

 Soylent Green – @ Soylent Refuge – Nominated 1st by Proof (@ProofBlog)

David Yeagley – @ Bad Eagle – Nominated 1st by Arlie

David Burge – @ IowaHawk– Nominated 1st by Dr Bennell

Eric Dondero – @ Libertarian Republican – Nominated 1st by bitterclinger

Alfonzo Rachel – @ ZoNation – Nominated 1st by Angi Benghazi Bryan

Chris Muir – @ Day By Day Cartoon - Nominated 1st by strnj1

Tara Ross – @  – Nominated 1st by Michaelantonio Luckette

Navy Gentleman – @ Conservative Vctory News  – Nominated 1st by aplwb

GunnyG – @ THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE  – Nominated 1st by aplwb

Bustedknuckles – @ The Vulgar Curmudgeon  – Nominated 1st by xenolith1964

nmbillb – @ Survivalist Boards  – Nominated 1st by AmericanBTGoG

Larry Sinclair – @ LS News Group   – Nominated 1st by MN Man

Let me know if I have your link or name wrong, or if I miss someone…


Click here for the 2012 contest – it was a blast…

Visit His Site At iOwnTheWorld


About BC

"That's baseball, and it's my game. Y' know, you take your worries to the game, and you leave 'em there. You yell like crazy for your guys. It's good for your lungs, gives you a lift, and nobody calls the cops. Pretty girls, lots of 'em."
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  • Harry (@imjasper99)

    I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post. jobs in pakistan sialkot 2013

  • The MAD Jewess

    As usual, the EVIL Mad Jewess is left out.

    Adios folks.

    • BC

      I didn’t nominate anyone myself, and it was open for nominations since last year…

      Only one person nominated me, so don’t feel bad.

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  • Angrymike

    I’ve only been blogging for not quit a year, that said, I’d like to thank all the crazy ppl who voted for me, I will be back with a vengeance. Congrads to the winners, but watch your back, I’m coming with a vengeance. I also would like to thank my friend Miss K to nominating me…………..good luck next year, your gonna need it…………..
    Oh and one more thing, the ppl nominated should thank the ppl who nominated them ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…………………….

    • MissK

      You’re welcome AngryOne, back at you :-)

      You’re my hero for doing all that you do without a computer, plus you have that damn auto-correct to contend with, all the more reason you should proof read your stuff before publishing… ehem… ;-)
      Good luck you say, well thanks, and speaking of, with any you might end up on 69 instead of 71 next year :P

      I also wanna thank BC, for pulling this whole thing together. It was awesome to be part of it. And for everyone who voted for me, very much appreciated :-)

      • BC

        No problem…

        I do most of my blogging from my phone too…

        Growing cross-eyed and I sound retarded…

        • MissK

          LOL guess I should be looking into getting an app for that then ;-)

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  • diogenes

    Thanks for throwing such a great contest and giving everyone exposure to blogs we may not have been aware of before. Great Job!

    Congrats to the winners!

    • BC

      Thanks for playing along. Yours is another great blog I found by doing this.

      I hope, if only a little, it helps strengthen the network of conservatives who love this country…

      • theconservativewife

        I have found a great number of new blogs with this. I am new to this so it has been invaluable to me. Congratulations everyone…you are ALL winners.

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  • Proof (@ProofBlog)

    Congratulations, Joe Dan, Kenny and Stilton! Well played! And congratulations to all of the other cool conservatives nominated. Keep up the good fight!

  • stiltonj

    Wow, 3rd Place! I’m honored to win the coveted Bronze ticket to Guantanamo Bay, and want to offer my sincere congratulations to the 1st and 2nd place winners…and ALL of the nominees who work so hard to make the truth entertaining and accessible to as many people as possible.

    Also, many thanks to those who voted for me on the strength of my SOB-ness (I’m not really all that cool, but I’m damned feisty). Much fun – and a great way for people to discover other folks they should be reading.

    Sincere thanks for all the work that went into hosting and running the contest!

    • BC

      All three of you have made me snork may coffee – which is maybe the highest praise I can give…

      Thanks for playing Stilt

      God Bless

  • Angi Benghazi Bryan
  • Joe Dan Gorman

    I want y’all to know I put on a snazzy clean shirt just to write this Thank You Comment….. so, Thank you. I’m actually damn flattered.

    AND I don’t know why ‘’ ain’t already listed on the Friends of the Frog, but I assure you it will be rectified promptly. God bless you guys,

    “Fight the good fight of the faith.” 1 Timothy 6:12

    • BC

      Hey Joe Dan

      I hope you had fun playing a little grab rear with us..

      I can’t think of anyone more deserving – everyone loves what you are doing…

      Now hop those frog legs back out there and start hammering them crazy libs with those great videos! They are making a difference…

      Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I sent it.

      Congratulations and God Bless you…


  • Cherryl Zollars

    Do you have an estimated time as to when you’ll announce the winner??

    • BC

      I am working on it now…

  • Angi Benghazi Bryan

    I’m one of the We HEART IFL FB admins… I can’t speak for Joe Dan or my partner but I can say for myself that even though there were a few hitches, I appreciate the fact that you were quick to respond to my comments (i know they borderlined on harrassment.. lol) I feel your change up in the handicap.. while a little late in the game.. is fair. We’ve been campaigning hard for Joe Dan, and let me just say, he’s sort of at our mercy when it come to campaigning.. we do this all on our own steam.. He couldn’t stop us if he tried. It’s not over yet.. we’re still at it.. but It’s been fun and you can look forward to seeing us again next year. AND May the Best SOB (Joe Dan) WIN.

    • BC

      What a great fan…

    • Jeff Donk

      We here at I don’t “Like” it, but I’ll “Share” it,are rather new to this whole mess,but what a fine mess it is!We Heart We Heart IFL,We “Like” Intellectual Frog Legs and we think this is the coolest contest any SOB could be in.

  • ken heffner

    Try it now… it appears as though they’ve updated again
    Like · about an hour ago
    Ken Heffner
    Well, now I have the CLICK HERE FOR COOLEST BLOGGER OF 2013 CONTEST link, however It does not go anywhere. No one else uses my outside ip, and I did not vote on your page. This is what’s on ‘legs page:
    Click here to Vote:
    1) Scroll Down
    2) Find Joe Dan's name
    3) Click the box next to his name (not the link)
    4) Scroll a little lower and click submit

    However that does not work either.
    I can't vote.
    μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé

    • BC

      That link in the top right works – I have been using it since I put it up. Clear your cache files, if you can’t vote. There is something wrong on your end…

  • MadJack

    If I could I’d vote for everyone because I believe everyone in this contest is a winner. Great conservative minds telling the truth about what in the hell is happening to our beloved country. Mucho Kudos to everybody! :)

    • BC

      Thanks Mad

      I agree…

  • Jean Copeland

    For the rcord, Joe Dan was (nominated) for a CPAC award but didn’t win. He has been busy building a show by himself and felt honored to be nominated for this award as he was honored to be nominated for the CPAC awaard If you look at his shows, you’ll see he deserves every vote he received and then some.

    • BC

      Nothing but love for Joe Dan – I am his biggest fan.

      He does deserve every vote he gets for sure.

      My question is does he deserve tiny tiny blogger status – with his votes being doubled?

      I wonder if his blog hit numbers reflect the size of his impact?

      How do you handicap someone who gets thousands of video views, but only a few blog hits and still give a small time blogger a chance of competing?

      That is why I plan on letting the folks deside what his handicap should be…

      If it comes to that.

  • Andrew J. Persac

    Gina Miller of Renew America –

  • George
  • Angi Benghazi Bryan

    Something is amiss.. people are saying they can’t vote.

    • Angi Benghazi Bryan

      These are first time voters saying they can’t vote.. and i noticed none of the votes are going up for anyone.

      • BC

        I checked out and the poll is still open… Wirecutter’s vote is going up…

        • Angi Benghazi Bryan

          It’s been sort of an on going issue, people wanting to vote but saying they can’t vote. I always make sure they haven’t already voted. They tell me they come to the link and there is no place to vote. I tell them to scroll and they still say they don’t see it. Sounds like they are getting directed to the results page instead of the vote page with no option to get to the vote page. So, I’m not sure what the problem is. It’s still happening off and on today. Just thought I’d let ya know.

          • BC

            The contest may have become to big for my poll thingy…

            I will try something different next time…

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  • Pingback: Vote Today! | Cry and Howl

  • bustednuckles

    I can not believe that I am on this list.
    Out of the thousands of Conservative blogs out there?

    I am not worthy.

    My sincerest thanks.

  • MN Man

    Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair at Sinclair has done far more with so little for so long.

    • Mr. Pinko

      I won’t touch that comment but I’ll endorse Larry Sinclair too ;-) LOL

      • BC

        Oh… not larry sinclair – LARRY SINCLAIR! I was wondering why the site was pink… LOL – far more with lol.. so little…

        My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

    • BC

      Sinclair it is… I will add him to the polls, and since I have procrastinated fixing the spreadsheet this long, I will ad him and that other fellow tomorrow.

  • angrywhitedude

    Oh, and call me when you have the Sexiest Blogger award, baybah!


    • BC

      Okay then – I will call your bluff… Sexiest Blogger contest will be October…

      • angrywhitedude

        BC, just save your time and send the Big Sexy the trophy, baybah!


        • BC

          A trophy for this is too important for me to do on my own. I put out the word for help…

          You will want a tattoo made out of it when it is revealed to the public…

  • angrywhitedude

    I don’t really care about winning the SOB…just as long as I finish above that Big Furry Hat guy at IOTW! Not for nothing, but I heard he has a renewed interest in joining the Boy Scouts as of late! That’s what I heard.


    • BC

      Crap – I was hoping pool our resource… Back to plan “B”…

    • Mr. Pinko

      I got nominated this year to split the BigFurHat vote from iOwnTheWorld. ;-)

      • BC

        I don’t know. I think Will Profit is a true blue Pinko fan…

        • Mr. Pinko

          We’ll have to check Will Profit and Angry White Dude’s alter ego e-mails. ;-)

          • BC

            They say that they are irrelevant and not subject to investigation…

      • angrywhitedude

        Mr Pinko, AWD is going to beat y’all IOTW cats like a red-headed mule! Wooooo, baybay!


        • BC

          That is what I like about this contest, it reminds me of The Cannonball Run…

          The blogs without ads have the advantage – wirecutter has taken that advantage to a new level

        • Mr. Pinko

          I already voted for ya ;-)

          • Mr. Pinko

            BigFurHat is ready to fire me again!

          • BC

            You should be fired. Over here slumming with the riffraff

  • Bwest

    I think Gina Miller – @ RenewAmerica is the SOB of 2013

    • BC

      She is getting a lot of votes…

  • AmericanBTGoG

    I know its REAL late, but I’d like to nominate
    nmbillb @

    SOB had his foot amputated about 6 weeks ago, secondary to a motorccycle accident. He’s been laughing and joking on line, since the night they brought him into the hospital. Balls the size of the Planet Mars, he’s been an inspiration to anyone who has read his posts.

    • BC

      Got him…

      I will put him up on the poll, but will wait until the end of the day to catch the rest up – in case someone else is nominated and I won’t have to do it twice…

  • yippeekayay

    I’ve never even heard of any of these people. I hereby nominate and vote for myself.

  • Angi Benghazi Bryan

    I did nominate Alfonzo Rachel.. but I was not the one to nominate Chris Muir – @ Day By Day Cartoon.. someone’s not getting proper credit.

    • Angi Benghazi Bryan

      Ok I found it… it was strnj1 who nominated Chris Muir-@Day by Day Cartoon.

  • aplwb

    I would respectfully ask that you check out, and then include two more….they are Navy Gentleman who runs ” ” , and also GunnyG who runs ” “….both are veterans and staunch defenders and purveyors of true Conservatism. Thank you, aPLWBinAK

  • Pingback: May the Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere Win – 2nd Annual Contest | Maggie's Notebook

  • Soylent Green

    As the only nominee kicked off WordPress TWICE in the same month, I must humbly cast my vote for myself.
    But here’s a little something for you, sort of…


    • BC

      Hmm… how to respond to that?

      I really like naked women, but I also like the ads paying for the band width here. Google AdSense is in the process of auditing this site, which was smut free already.

      It seems there are two policies. One for conservatives and one for anyone else. So they gave me 72 hours to fix a double standard.

      I have spent hours combing the site looking for any way that something here could be twisted as inappropriate – just to jab back at the leftist from Google that is picking on me…

      So I will have to edit your comments as part of that process…

      • Soylent Green

        Not a problem. The CursedCodeMonkeys are nefarious, and ubiquitous.

  • Michaelantonio Luckette

    Tara Ross.
    Unique, intelligent insight.

    I wish I could have been nominated, even though a majority of my little bloggy insights are not on my blog…LOL


    Twitter @michaelantonio

    • BC

      I wish I was there to add her tonight, but I will have to get her in the morning…

  • strnj1
    • BC

      Got him

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  • Pingback: Moonbattery » Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere Award 2013

  • Pingback: 6/3/2013 | Cry and Howl

  • Angi Benghazi Bryan

    If it’s not too late I’d like to nominate Alfonzo Rachel.. I can’t believe he’s not already on there. His website is: I’m representing We HEART IFL (Joe Dan’s Fan Page) in making this nomination.. it’s a collective nomination not just myself.

    • rampartwatcher

      I heartily second the motion!

    • BC

      I love ZO… I will get the up there…

  • darcprynce

    I hereby nominate my blogging partner in crime GATORDOUG of the Daley Gator News Blog located @

    • darcprynce

      Oh, wait… I guess Doug has already been nominated… Well then, I hereby VOTE for GATORDOUG! :)

  • Pingback: If you feel like it there is this Coolest SOB in the Blogosphere deal going on | The Daley Gator

  • woodsterman

    I have a clarification I’d like to make. The blog (mine) “Odie @ Man Got Wood” is incorrect. It should read “Odie @ Woodsterman”

    Mr. BC, I’m still trying to figure out how to vote. When I do I will do so.

    • BC

      Mr. woodsterman

      Click all of the people you think deserve it and hit vote – then you are done…

      I will make the changes to your blog name…

      • Teresa Rice (@Teresamerica)

        Do you click the name after the @ or how do I vote? If I click on it I end up going to the link.

        • BC

          You are clicking in the wrong place – move your clicker up just a little…

      • woodsterman

        BC, it didn’t appear for me yesterday until I commented.

        • BC


          It probably just didn’t load good… The page refreshed when you hit post comment….

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  • Pingback: Larwyn’s Linx: The IRS and FBI: Breach of Faith | Preppers Universe

  • Pingback: IMAO » Blog Archive » Time to Vote for the Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere

  • Me

    Yeah, that’s a pretty neat trick you run, you post on June 2nd that all nominees have to be submitted by June 1st.

    • BC

      It is called a bump – look at the dates of the comments.

      The post has been up since late June of 2012 – I changed the dates so it would move to the front of the blog…

      Bless your heart…

      • theconservativewife

        Hee Hee…As a Texan…I know what “bless your heart” really means….

  • Koncerned Citizen (@KoncerndCitizen)

    And here I thought I had a lot of bookmarks before. Damn it. No wonder I can’t find anything when I’m posting…

  • Pingback: IMAO » Blog Archive » I’m Curious to See If I Could Deserve This Award

  • vermontaigne

    Lots of worthies here, but “coolest” doesn’t necessarily translate to best, or most insightful, or most amusing, though it certainly doesn’t exclude any of them. I’d have to say of the bloggers I’ve met, the coolest, qua my understanding of cool, is Mike Hendrix from Cold Fury and the excellent Belmont Playboys band. I mean, he’s just cooler than the rest of us, though David Burge is cool, not only because he’s a great blogger, but also because he rebuilds cool cars and hangs out with cool people in cool places, and because his work makes for a strikingly cool contrast with his cool writings. On the other hand, he doesn’t have cool tats. And Ace is pretty cool in an ewok-y self-effacing way, and because it’s cool to have an entourage of funny nerds who are, some of them, very uncool, and because he’s a great blogger and Twitter slagger. And I bet Jeff Goldstein is cool in person, though I’ve never met him. And there are a lot of cool blogger women out there, but not so many with the proven cool of Amusing Bunni or Kathy Seipp, in the face of death, though dying so young was pretty uncool, despite what cool people may say when they’re young and think they’re cool. Not that it’s necessary for any blogger, male or female, to die young to be cool, but to do it with such faith and dignity is very cool. And Kathy Shaidle is also cool, though if I were a woman I might think it cool to look like Dana Loesch, who’s cool enough, but not in my view as cool as Kathy, though Dana’d probably look cooler in a cat suit with a gun—which is cool, I guess, if it’s not done a million times, because that starts to make it not as cool, despite all the tweets you’ll get from guys on the Twitter.

    So, you know, I just picked some people from the list I thought were cool, which is cool, but it’s cool if we disagree, too. And there were some people on the list I knew and I thought to myself, he or she is warm, which is cool, but it’s not the same thing as cool. And if you’re lobbying at your site for votes for this cool contest, that might not really be cool, but it’s cool, man. It’s cool.

  • Angi Benghazi Bryan

    OK.. for the record.. there seems to ba a discrepancy and a debate has ensued.. Can a person vote more than once for the same blogger?

    • BC

      Nope, but he can vote every blogger one time…

  • bitterclinger

    I nominate Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican.

    I can’t clue him in ’cause I don’t have an account for any of his log-in choices. I’m just interested in the news he posts.

    • BC

      Okay, I will put him on the poll tonight and the rest tomorrow

  • Dr Bennell

    David Burge of of Iowahawk (IowaHawk

  • Arlie

    If It’s not too late to nominate one more:

    David Yeagley @

    He is the great, reat, grandson of Comanche Bad Eagle and a staunch Conservative Blogger. Check him out, he’s awesome!

  • Trent jensen is amazing. Cool items to buy. Great commentary

  • Indy InAsia-Pacific

    William N. Grigg

    Not only does Will select obscure news items of enormous import, he then dices the subject assiduously, lambastes the foolishness that caught his attention exhaustively, lays out his conclusions impeccably, and leaves me shaking my head, both left to right in admiration, and up and down in concurrence.

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  • MissK

    I would like to nominate my friend Angel at The Lonely Libertarian

    Because she’s awesome, and she tells it like it is :-)

  • Pam

    I have to nominate Gina Miller@AmericanClarion. . She tells it like it is stands tall for the truth!

    • BC

      I will update everything in a day or two. That storm was a little too close to home…

    • Pam

      Actually, I’d like to change my nomination to Gina Miller@RenewAmerica.

  • Pam

    I’d like to nominate Scooter Van Neuter@Big Hairy News,

  • Arlie

    How to pick one?
    Orly Taitz is fighting to get the truth out and is amazing

    Daniel Greenfield writes in parables…like reading honey..possible?

    I like ALL the writers at and ALL the writers and links at

    favorite vido blogger:

    Good luck to all…I’ll be reading you…God Speed.

    • BC

      Okay, I will add Orly, and Froglegs – I love all the other bloggers as well, but we are searching for individual bloggers, and those sites are more of news source type sites… :)

  • theconservativewife

    I have found so many great blogs because of this. I love AWD and Randy’s RoundTable. Love the humor. Good luck everyone…

  • Earl of Taint

    I’ll nominate one of my favorites, Scooter Van Neuter of Big Hairy News.

  • Dearel Friend

    My now two year old blog just hit 171,000 page views so I’m one of the “little guys” compared to others….but I feel so blessed to be nominated. And our country is blessed to have so many conservative readers and writers standing up against liberal oppression. Thanks to all who have come to visit me!

  • Mr. Pinko

    I’m shocked and honored! Wow!

    • BC

      Wow! I have been a fan for years!

    • Will Profit

      Horace Greeley, Damon Runyon, HL Mencken, Edward R Murrow, Mr Pinko…

  • MissK

    What’s fair is fair… I would like to nominate Angrymike at Angrymikes Hood
    For fighting the Good Fight… :-)

    • Angrymike

      Aww, thanks…………..;-)

  • Winona G

    I’d like to nominate Arron Burr of Evil Conservatives

    • BC

      Okay, I will update everything tomorrow night…

  • Proof (@ProofBlog)

    I’d like to nominate William Teach of Pirate’s Cove

  • Angrymike

    I had better nominate Miss K says at, or ill never here the end of it…..

    • MissK

      What? I wouldn’t hurt a fly… Thanks Angry, I’m honored ;-)

  • http://Angrymikeshood.blogds Angrymike

    I’d like to nominate, he’s go a lot to give to our cause………….

    • Broken Patriot

      Thank You Angrymike. I may not be very cool, but I am a S.O.B.

  • diogenes

    I’m throwing into the ring the hat of The Earl of Taint @

    • BC

      LOL! The Earl of Taint? Okay….

      I went to his site, he is great!

    • Earl of Taint

      I am honored! Thanks vm!

  • diogenes

    I nominate DIANNY @
    soon to be ALLTHE

  • randyg1

    If Mr. Positive has not been put in for, or my main man Odie please throw their names in the hopper…

    • Proof (@ProofBlog)

      If I may get ahead of the curve here, considering the esteemed crowd above, it is truly an honor just to be nominated! Thanks, Randy! And let the coolest SOB win!

  • Will Profit

    Esteemed member of the Fourth Estate…Mr Pinko

    • Mr. Pinko

      Check’s in the mail – thanks! ;-) Mr. Pinko

  • Will Profit

    RANDY – He’s pretty cool…for a Yankee.

    • randyg1

      Gracias Amigo…

  • Fart Soup

    I nominate Will Profit ’cause he seems like a cool SOB and he likes Alice Cooper…which qualifies him by default. Here’s his link

  • claudia

    I’d like to nominate:

    Bob at Black & Right:

    Sad Hill from Sad Hill News:

    DrJohn from Flopping Aces:


  • Jack Daniels

    What!? AWD has not been nominated?

    Allow me to correct that oversight. I nominate AWD from Angry White Dude.

    • Ex Machina

      I second that.

    • BC

      “Big Sexy” had me to hold all of his nominations so that he could be fashionably late…

    • Bluto

      I have to third that nomination……AWD is the coolest sumbitch on the blogosphere…..

      • bigtimer

        I’m with you Bluto…they don’t come any better than the Big Sexy and his work of wisdom and wit! – He’s got my vote!

        • Waspish

          AWD is big, sexy, he can keep a beat, he can dance, and he Blogs like an SOB. And that’s just some of his coolness

  • coldeadhands

    Skookum at what a story smith.

  • coldeadhands

    I almost feel silly nominating him cause it goes without saying,
    Jim Hoft

  • PatriotUSA


    One more, Sundance from The Last Refuge:

    He might get grumpy with me but oh well. The site is incredible!

    • BC

      I got Sundance… Didn’t notice him before I made the chart

  • PoliticalClownParade (@PoliticalClownP)
    • BC

      All added…

  • PatriotUSA

    Nominating Steve from Cry and Howl

    LadyRaven from her site Whiskey In A jar:

    and also this site, The anti-idiotarian Rottweiler:

    • BC

      All added…

  • El Buffoon

    Oh my, I just noticed Maksim wasn’t nominated.

    • BC

      Got Maksim…

  • Maksim

    I’d like to nominate Gerard Van der Leun of

    • BC

      Got Gerard…

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  • A Petree

    I’ll nominate Elena McCall at

    • BC

      Ok I will add her tonight….

    • BC

      Elena is added…

  • Constitutional Insurgent

    So many sites….but I have to go with nominating Silverfiddle at Western Hero:

    • BC

      Got Silverfiddle

  • A Petree

    I’m new here but I’ll nominate BC at

    Hope to get to know more of you guys… :)

    • BC

      Thanks for that, but the competition is too stiff I am afraid

  • BigFurHat S.O.V.M. M.B.A.PreparationH F.U.

    I nominate Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. But if he wins, I don’t want him talking about Grover Norquist or Suhail Khan.

    • BC

      ‘L’ – Ok I will add him FurHat… Maybe he can control himself

      • Mr. Pinko

        If I win I’m going to talk about Robert Spencer, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.

        • BC

          Oh good Lord. In the same 500 word sentence?

          • Mr. Pinko

            And I’ll throw in Angry White Dude and Will Profit! ;-)

  • Eric Praline

    I’d like to nominate Soylent Green of (NSFW)

    • BC

      The site is gone – someone said he started a new site but I have yet to find it…

      • Proof (@ProofBlog)

        It’s at soylentrefuge(dot) . It now has an “adult content” page you have to consent to to click through

        • BC

          Google is targeting this site – I think in much the same way the IRS targets conservatives.

          I have 72 hours to make it “family friendly” – What they used as an example was not a pic but a link to a post at Blur Brain titled “Girl Saved By Her Big Boobs In Car Crash.” An actual story, to an actual news video. Nothing in the link was even remotely risky.

          I will put it up but I can’t link to it.

          Yet they let huffington post run a bikini page –

  • 4of7

    OK, I nominate Harvey at because he’s the coolest invisible rabbit blogger on the interwebs.

  • jkubin

    The People’s Cube, Oleg Bash @

    • conservativeBC

       Adding Oleg

  • Cryandhowl

    The Daily Cheese  nominated by Cry and Howl

    • conservativeBC

       Got David

  • Cryandhowl

    Nominating Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook!

  • Lucas062872

    Guess I’ll slum and nominate Arron Burr over at

    • conservativeBC


  • steve

    I would like to nominate one more… Jim @ Conservatives on Fire. 

    • conservativeBC


  • Xplodeit
  • Pingback: 2013 Coolest S.O.B. In The Conservative Blogosphere Nominations Now Being Accepted - Waznmentobe

  • DarcPrynce

    I hereby nominate IOwnTheWorld!

    • conservativeBC

      IOTW is one of the best blogs going… BFH is grandfathered in.

  • Doug Hagin

    Well, I am nominating BC

    • conservativeBC

      Thanks Doug…

  • DarcPrynce
    • conservativeBC

      Thanks Darc

  • steve

    I would nominate Martin from WWTFT… Great guy, great blog: 

    • conservativeBC

      Got him – I will update the thread in a day or two…

  • Steph Norton

    I’d like to  nominate .  These ladies are AWESOME!

  • KWWB1

    My nomination is (drum roll)  with the handle of Just Common Sense
    the coolest SOB bloggin fool I know

    • Ralpheboy

      Damn Skippy! He is awesome.

  • Pingback: The SOB Coolness Factor: Nominations Needed | FavStocks

  • Wishtrick

    I would like to nominate The Ulsterman Report .. bad 2 the bone !! Wishtrick !!

    • conservativeBC

       Is there a particular person from that blog that you would like to nominate?

    • conservativeBC

       Okay, I see that just one person blogs there.  I guess I need to clarify that we are nominating people not blogs, because it would get confusing if that blog had ten people blogging on it.

  • Rick Lakehomer

    I would like to nominate the following:

     Kenny Lane( Wirecutter) fromKnuckledraggin My Life Away

    Pissed from Feral Irishman:

     Copious Gasser vanished into thin air or I would have nominated him.

  • Pingback: Maggie Of Maggie’s Notebook Nominated: Coolest SOB 2013 Contest | I'm a Man! I'm 41!

  • PoliticalClownParade

    I would like to nominate Maggie’s Notebook.  She’s cool in the coolest kind of way.  She works hard standing guard over liberty.

  • Maggie@Maggie’s Notebook

    BC, when does the contest end? Linked again.

    • conservativeBC

      deadline to nominate someone will be June 1st 2013 at midnight CST. 
      Voting will began June the 2nd as soon as I can get the poll up.

  • Pingback: The SOB Coolness Factor: Nominations Needed | Maggie's Notebook

  • Maggie@Maggie’s Notebook

    I’ve waited a time to see who had their names added here because there are so many worthy of this title. Where are you people – get busy, as Breitbart would say.

    I will nominate Reaganite Republican because he is one pithy and very cool SOB, and Grumpy at Grumpy Opinions because, as Mike Kane says below, he has built in an empire in a very short time and has helped many bloggers along the way.I also nominate Dave Blount at Moonbattery, who is always on top of everything with commentary worthy of the SOB Coolness Factor and Doug Ross who finds the best graphs on our economic mess and has some mighty weighty opinions as well.One more: I nominate I’m a man, I’m 41 because he’s a funny writer (in the best possible way), runs Conservative Blog Central where he promotes other bloggers and has REAL ideas about helping a Republican administration grow the economy and jobs. That’s very cool.There are others I want to name and will along the way if others don’t start chiming in here.

    • conservativeBC

      The real idea came from a guest blogger — but it is a great plan for getting Romney elected. If it would just get some exposure.

      Thanks for nominating me :)

  • Mike Kane

    I’d like to nominate ‘Grumpy’ over at for this year’s competition.  Over the past several years he’s built one heck of a site dedicated to the old, gray, and grumpy everywhere. 

    The thing of it is, the appeal of the site is that it has a little bit of everything for Conservative folks regardless of age, hair color, or particular mood at the time. 

    I’m not sure how he finds, and posts, the volume of Conservative content he delivers.  It’d kill a lesser man.  

  • Pingback: Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award 2013 | Grumpy Opinions

  • Grumpy Elder

    You need some publicity, I found out you were running the contest again this year by accident,  I’ll post a short piece today or tomorrow, It’s a good contest, everyone benefits and no one gets hurt.  I was shocked, and honored this year just to get nominated..  I looked at the names and the list and shook my head wondering how the devil I got there–

    I’m not sure if nominating two sites is allowed or not, but two names names came to mind immediately followed by about thirty others over the next two minutes..  

    The first two that came to mind were;

    Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook-  She’s a fantastic researcher and a damned good writer, I visit her regularly, it’s not unusual to find her posting information a couple days ahead of other bloggers, and a week in front of the Old Media..  She seldom rants, but knows how to make her point.. You can find her here

    Bob Mack at “Be Sure You’re Right Then Go Ahead” was the other site.  Bob’s a straight shooter who lays things clearly in the unmistakable style of a Veteran.  Recently Bob has started doing his own artwork instead of just grabbing an image off the net.. He’s come up with some pretty neat stuff, and if you ask him, he’s not opposed to letting other conservative bloggers use his art..

    You can find Bob here

    I could keep going, there are thousands of great conservative sites out there– I look at dozens of them everyday..

  • Pingback: Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award 2012 | I'm a Man! I'm 41!