Commies And Queers: Pittsburgh Democrats Honor Drag Queen

When you vote for a democrat these days, you are not voting for the good old blue-dogs your old overalls-wearing grand-pappy told you about. You are not voting to protect the little man from giant corporations who could care less if you are nothing more than an indentured slave.

Those days, and those people long gone. Your party has been taken over by communists and militant homosexuals!!

Patrick Dowd Pittsburgh District 7 City Council is now your typical modern democrat. As a general rule, he is very active at weaseling  into positions of influence over our children, so that he can promote homosexuality and Communism. First serving as a very active member of Pittsburgh Board of Education, before gaining a City Council seat, where he could be even more active at spreading his depravity.

The key word here is active, because this is how the highly motivated minority of perverts have taken the democratic party.

They have made it a life mission.

(PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE) Sharon Needles, the spooky drag queen who vaulted to national cult celebrity as the winner of Season 4 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” was presented with an official proclamation declaring today “Sharon Needles Day in Pittsburgh” at a City Council meeting this morning.

“This is a city of champions in many regards,” Councilman Patrick Dowd said, mentioning the Steelers and first-place Pirates. “We have a real champion in the room today.”

Mr. Dowd praised the Bloomfield resident for her fearlessness as an artist and for speaking out against bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

“A win for Sharon Needles is a win for every single kid in this city who’s still being bullied,” Ms. Needles said…

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